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They caught one and skinning it ended any enthusiasm they had for trapping!

Ya, I hit 93 beaver this year, most through the ice. You need a sick sense of pleasure, bbut you can learn to look forward to and enjoy the skinning process.

Injury is a huge worry.

I figure a main target would be beaver. They are easy to locate and to trap. Plus a guy feels like a trapper when he is hauling a beaver!

Buddy, who was dabbling in trapping, decided to go after beaver. He and his brother were wiring the springs to poles for an under ice set. They lay the set 330 flat on the ice. It snapped, jumped up, and one of them nearly lost their nose.

They caught one and skinning it ended any enthusiasm they had for trapping!

All trappers have gotten bitten by their equipment or know someone that has. I have a thumb that isn't 100% due to a 280. I had over 30 years experience when that happened. It was bad luck. I was on my own and handled the situation fine. But, if I had fallen in the culvert, things would have been hairier.

I know another guy that got both thumbs in a 120 mag. It was wired to the pole. He was going no where until his buddy freed him.

Modern traps are not toys.

Snares are pretty safe but there is a steep learning curve.
Not all of the USA is the same regarding trapping. NYS requires an 8hr course to be taken to a new trapper.
And then what trap/s is illegal in NY might not be elsewhere.
Don't get me wrong! I am all for getting people interested in trapping. I would just hate to have things go awry. If there is a way to prevent that I am all for it. I just don't know if a blanket disclaimer to follow all your state or provinces rules and regulations is enough in this case
Sounds interesting, however, it might not be the best of ideas. In my part of the world, trappers must have an obligatory course similar to courses taken for hunting. The purpose of the course is safety, ethics, avoidance of catching non-targets, harvesting methods, fur handlingand fur bearer management.

There is also the reality of registered traplines where exclusivity of trapping rights is already granted.

This is all complicated stuff difficult to learn in a short period of time.

Snaring hares is easily learned and not subject to the same reality. Setting a 330 mag for beaver or a foothold that might pinch a dog is a whole different thing.

I was a provincial trap line instructor and I would be very nervous encouraging someone, who just wants to dabble a little, to use any of the mandatory body grip traps legally required to harvest most of the species you mentioned.

But reading sign, recognizing some sets made by a trapper and snaring hares would be easily done and worthwhile for the winter trekker.

Sorry if this appears negative. But it would be a shame if someone got injured or if trapping got a another black eye.
As someone who has one registered line, and who traps on two others I cant agree more. Rabbit snaring is much different than 330s, 220s in boxes...etc. While I know lure of the north does a trapping trip that was quite successful, they are licensed trappers and were doing their trips on a a registered line that they were helper trappers on. While I know the US is so much different (you can buy a license and trap the same day), we have fought too hard here to have our ways threatened by people who simply dont know how to avoid non target animals. We can still set free hanging snares here for canines, we can set 330s above water and fisher and coon boxes on the ground. It only takes rover dead once in a trap on the 6:00 news because of someones carelessness to tarnish public opinion enough to further limit us.

Our mandatory courses take two weekends full time to complete, and the graduate is still a complete newbie who generally cannot get a trapline right away. Takes more learning than that, hence our system of getting on a line as a helper trapper. While trapping is not overly complex, its trapping in today's society that is the issue with everyone looking to sue everyone and put regulations on anything they don't personally agree with. 
General Winter Camping Discussion / Old tarp shelters and stoves
« Last post by chimpac on June 18, 2019, 11:46:49 am »
I have a list of 20 people that answered my ad for a free 4 season shelter. I have replied to each person that they can have a tarp shelter and stove if they will help me convert a homeless person to using a chimney.
 I did some camping with Calgary homeless and made a few converts. 3 times I left an outfit pitched for a week and came back and found the stove laying there and the tarp draped over a makeshift shelter.
I was complaining to a city supervisor that is in charge of park cleanup after the homeless. He agreed with me that they do not like new ways of doing things. I suggested to him that the city should set aside a piece of land for the homeless to camp on. I seems kind of dumb giving them a homeless shelter when a legal place to put their camp would be enough for some of them.
Winter Camping Clothing / Re: To Fly or Not To Fly That is the Question!!!
« Last post by Moondog55 on June 15, 2019, 02:26:41 am »
Been a while but I just bought some new and fly-less long johns.
If you have an undergarment fly it doesn't matter how you wear your base layer tops but I just found out [ almost too late] that high waisted long-johns with-out a fly work best if the base layers are tucked in
General Winter Camping Discussion / Re: Just wanting to say Thank-You
« Last post by Moondog55 on June 14, 2019, 07:41:27 pm »
Appreciated fellers
I was really looking forward to riding the Polar Bear Express and attending the big meet-ups but heck.
Now please buy my down gear from me.
General Winter Camping Discussion / Re: Just wanting to say Thank-You
« Last post by GearFreak on June 14, 2019, 10:57:05 am »
In the event I don't get to say it in the future:

Take care Moondog!

Yes, life sucks sometimes.  I will remember your enthusiasm, how your posts made me realize how fortunate I was to be born where I was.  I am quite certain that a segment of our population will wish they could trade spaces with you , but we are where we are.   Enjoy getting out in the manner you can, and when you can.  It may not be -30, the snow and forest may not be the same, but make the best of getting out and the earth we inhabit.

Thanks again Moondog for giving us a view from a different perspective.

News & Events / Re: Was anyone else having probs accessing the forum ?
« Last post by GearFreak on June 14, 2019, 10:48:20 am »
I am a recent convert to FB.  I have a simple philosophy of blocking any political posts and blocking "friends" that post or share political stuff - so far it seems to accomplish what I was seeking.

We have a local hiking trail group that shares backcountry info and seems to be moderated pretty well, plus I am able to access other hiking and backcountry groups that seem to limit the off topic stuff fairly well.  I do prefer the forum format, but times change and I had to do so as well.  Posting photos is pretty easy, but the blog style trip reports are harder to do. 

see ya all when the snow flies.
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