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: Main Content Updates - Your Input is Requested!
: HOOP July 20, 2010, 08:29:14 PM
Hi folks,

While the water is soft where I live, and it will be a while until the winter trekking field season starts around here, its time to update the main content site (those blue tabs on top that have the sections and subsections of our "E-book").     I have learned many new things, and have accumulated more images which can help to expand our main content site on the amazing world of winter travel and camping out in the deep cold in full comfort and safety.   But I am also looking for your input with text and images.     Our dynamic discussion forums contributed by you, are filled with an impressive array of topics and images.   I would like to distill some new nuggets of information from these contributions, and add it to the main content section "E-book".   Many contributors have already suggested several topics and sub-topics be added, and I have been keeping a running list of these. 

I am inviting you to contribute to the main content text and/or images.   I would be the editor, and fit edited text pieces and images in where it adds to the content and flow of the main site sections and subsections of the E-book.  (Note:  All submitted material would become the property of to use on the website, with all rights reserved.  But we would ID your photo with your name, and burn it into the image so that it always is recognized.   There would be no compensation,  money, shares, or rights for the submitted material.  We are still a small operation and don't have the resources for compensation, so it would be your free contribution to the community here :)).

Think about it over the rest of the summer, and if you have an idea for a text piece and/or photo, then please PM me in September and we can discuss the material, and if we can use it, then we can arrange for emailing.    I say September because I will be "gone fishing" until then.

The following is a list of topics and information for addition that I have been keeping a running list on.  If you have additional ideas for material you have to add, or would like to see added, please add your ideas to this thread.   Maybe you or someone could put some text and photos together over the summer.   We don't have the capability for embedded videos yet, but we will work on that.  But we can link to Youtube and other video sites that you might create to address a particular topic. 

I will put a sticky on this thread and post it at the top in the "General Discussion" forum.    This thread can also serve as the new running list of ideas for additions.

New Topics to Add to Main Content (in no particular order):
�  Falling through the ice:  Fire starting systems with freezing hands.  E.g. fire steel on waterproofed super cotton ball, or fire starting tabs (home made or commercial);  carried waterproofed tinder bundles;    waterproofed matches and striker. 
�  Winter Bushcraft skills:  carrying less on your sled, more in your head, and using the natural materials around you.   I think this should be infused throughout the topics on our website.  So look through the sections and subsections, and I am sure you would have a bushcraft skill to add. 
�  Snowshoe bindings.
�  Reflector logs designs on open fires.
�  Pot hangers for open fires (I know there is tons out there already on the bushcraft channels, but not many for the winter season I have seen where the ground is frozen, and none that deal with the issue of obstruction around the fire with tripods and multiple people trying to dry out, and the shifting smoke issue.  Legged grills a better option for groups?
�  Face protection:  hoods, fur trim, tunnel hoods with wire.
�  Fogging prescription glasses.
�  Tarp shelters.
�  Adding more boot examples and links.
�  Adding more clothing examples (commercial and home made), and links.
�  Woodstove heat shields.
�  Woodstove snow melt-back and fire hazards.
�  Pulks and pole harness systems.
�  Sled packing systems.
�  Mitt harness.
�  Wooden toboggans � base prep and waxing.
�  More hot tent examples and heating systems, (e.g. Arctic Oven).
�  Alpine techniques, (e.g. Igloo Ed�s excellent "powder shooting" with a pulk in tow).
�  Alpine and above tree line cold camping.
�  Lake and river Ice dynamics and hazards:  currents, pressure ridges, grades of ice, etc.
�  Snowshoes:   more on design and function of both natural/traditional, and synthetic.
�  More on back country flat land touring skis, boots and bindings.  (There is a huge amount of downhill material on the web for telemark and AT, but not much on flatland gear for making distance and hauling sleds.  We also need a section on Berwins from an experienced user, and I know we have several Berwin aficionados here. 

Please add your ideas...
: Re: Main Content Updates - Your Input is Requested!
: lonelake July 21, 2010, 07:26:47 PM
Thanks HOOP! Input from the community is a great idea. I look forward to making some useful contributions.

: Re: Main Content Updates - Your Input is Requested!
: cousin Pete July 22, 2010, 09:21:12 PM
Hello HOOP:  Sounds like a great idea!  Have fun fishing.

Take care,
Cousin Pete
: Re: Main Content Updates - Your Input is Requested!
: HOOP September 28, 2010, 10:32:29 PM
Bumping this post.   Now that I am back from the long summer canoe tripping adventures, and I have started burning wood in the home woodstove as the temperature chills, I am really getting stoked on the upcoming winter season here in the northern hemisphere.   

Harlan and I am working on the site to upgrade the main E-book content, as well as other techno upgrades.   The message on adding a new "food and cooking" forums is well received, and we will do that.   When you have some time, please look at the list of new topics ideas in the original post, add new ones, and if you have material with text and photos that you can send me via PM, that's great.  All material is welcomed.  We think we have the Web's most comprehensive traditional winter trekking info resource in our main content pages, but there is way more room to grow it and make it even better. 

In the meantime, I will be going through the forum archives, and contacting members for permission to borrow some of the excellent photos you have posted, and to ask if you would like to create some text to go with them, or add to existing text blocks. 

Looking to hear from you,
: Re: Main Content Updates - Your Input is Requested!
: jake November 04, 2010, 10:37:30 PM
HOOP.... got well below freezing today... be glad to share some stories of images....maybe some video footage?
: Re: Main Content Updates - Your Input is Requested!
: HOOP November 05, 2010, 07:36:11 AM
Hi Jake,

Let's see it!   Git R' posted!     Or link us to where it is posted.   Or send me the material footage and we'll see what we can do.  :)   

We are working with our web techno guy who is attempting to get our antiquated software upgraded to allow for embedding Youtube videos in posts.  But he's a busy lad and has a long to-do list, so we'll be patient.   But URL hot links work in the mean time.   We have a new "Articles" section just added.  Right now it links to no where, but he's working on that too.   That will also be a place where we plan to have independent articles posted (edited, formatted, etc.).     So everyone - prep your material and lets see what you got.

: Re: Main Content Updates - Your Input is Requested!
: lonegreeneagle January 06, 2011, 11:52:02 PM
Well Hoop, Hello and know that I am envious!
       I plan to take advantage of the coming snow/storm forcasted for this weekend.
My daughter and I will load the jetsleds and photo document setting up camp our way. Once it's organized I'll email it to you. Maybe you can use some if not, I'll have a record of how to set up the circus tent and winter camp.
       Thanks for all you guys and this website.
: Re: Main Content Updates - Your Input is Requested!
: Aarona January 29, 2011, 10:03:20 AM
OK, I thought getting ready and hauling was hard work, until I tried to post a trip report. How do you load photos and what size works? I've tried this before and gave up on trip reports but thought I'd try again w/ a new computer. Still caused a wicked blood pressure spike and I'm frustrated once again. Maybe something somewhere on the site that covers how not to want to smash one's computer and quit thinking of posting. Sorry, but I can't be the only one that doesn't get it; well maybe I am but...
: Re: Main Content Updates - Your Input is Requested!
: Aarona January 29, 2011, 10:17:35 AM
Upload folder full message, huh?
: Re: Main Content Updates - Your Input is Requested!
: sethwotten November 25, 2011, 06:02:50 PM
I think that Aarona does have a little bit of a point here. I almost didn't post my trip report last year because putting in photos was so complicated (especially with the low bandwidth where I live!). It would be easier if they could upload directly to the site instead of to photobucket. But I guess that would increase the hosting costs. And as far as I know the site is run by volunteers. So... maybe not! At least a few more sponsors would likely be required to make that happen.

I am a totally converted user of "mukluks" or snowshoe moccasins. There is one very important advantage that is not listed under the mukluks section, which is that they are the lightest footwear available. This makes a huge difference when walking on snowshoes all day. I feel that there is more that could be added to the mukluk section, so I may see if I can re-write/add to/modify it, if that is possible. Let me see what I can come up with and I will PM it to you HOOP.
: Re: Main Content Updates - Your Input is Requested!
: HOOP November 27, 2011, 10:25:44 PM
Hi Seth,

That would be great if you could send me some material.

Re photos:  I think that once you get to know the free photo hosting sites, its quite easy to organize and upload photos.   I use photobucket and have had good results.  I can make as many folders or subfolders as I want.   

For speed in low band width areas, I suggest using your photo software at home to first reduce the pixel width to 640 before uploading to a hosting website, since that's the max size we want on the forums here anyways.  That will greatly speed up the process.

When linking, just put the cursor over the IMG code of the photo as it displays in Photobucket, and click - it automatically copies, then return to your post and right mouse click "paste" and its done, complete with IMG tags.    Not sure what other hosting sites have for convenience.   I posted instructions as sticky's topics in several of the forums where photos are common.   :)
: Re: Main Content Updates - Your Input is Requested!
: 300winmag November 29, 2016, 01:35:09 AM
HUNTING ON SNOW seems like a good forum category.

Travel on snow with a rifle (or shotgun) ain't easy if you have to ski or snowshoe. I've snowshoed in Pennsylvania when we had 2+ feet of snow and it required me to carry my rifle biathlon style so I could use my XC ski poles. 

Pulling big game out requires some sort of pulk or at the least a roll-up plastic sled.

Gutting, or skinning and boning out big game in the field in sub zero temps is another skill set that we could discuss.

Reduced bullet trajectories in the dense air of a bitter cold day is another topic.

Taping barrel muzzles is almost a given when hunting in snow-laden trees, especially on a snowy day. Water inside a barrel is very detrimental to first shot accuracy. Tests show only tiny vertical POI change when muzzle taping is done - a worthwhile trade-off considering the wet bore alternative.

And trigger finger mittens, yet another worthy topic.

I could go on but you get the idea.

Eric B.
: Re: Main Content Updates - Your Input is Requested!
: 300winmag January 10, 2019, 12:01:19 AM
I just bought a 30" coyote fur ruff form Glacier Wear in Maine and will sew on Velcro to it and my new Eddie Bauer PEAK XV parka. I want to be removable for skiing. Also I want it to be able to flip forward for a breathing tunnel.

I'll add an aluminum wire to the backside of the ruff but wonder, how many others have a wore like that?

When I do it I'll send some photos.

Also some photos of me camping above 9,500 ft. here in Nevada for your Alpine Camping request.