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Thanks for all the “warm” welcome and advise! I think I’m going to get a new bag, keep it simple. Either the Peregrine EX -25 Sleeping Bag or Ptarmigan EX -25 Sleeping Bag from FF. If I remember, I’ll post a trip report when I’m back!

Thanks again.


Hello All!

This will be my 1st post here on! Thanks to Hoop for getting me all squared away and all the information shared. I have read a great deal of the posts here and find the information very helpful so many thanks to you all!

A little about myself. I new into Wintercamping.  I started about three years ago after a a somewhat failed trip. I actually don’t like the term failed mostly because failure to me means I’m simply not  ready to move forward. I learn, adapt and over come. I learned a lot from that trip and continued to move forward. I’m from Pennsylvania and really dislike the heat of summer so winter camping has become my thing.

I am a Physican Assistant and started my career in medicine as a Paramedic. So i know how to work myway around a band aid. Sticky side out!  ;D

So moving onto my question with a little  Back info 1st. I will be taking a trip with our friends from Lure of the North this coming winter in Ontario.  I’m pretty sure that I have used up my alotted number of questions for Dave and it’s only August! ( I’m sure he wouldn’t agree as he has been extremely helpful, I can’t even begin to explain!). I am a cold sleeper which is part of the reason I enjoy hot tenting! So, I have a Big Agnes Storm King 0F/ -18C bag and Exped DownMat 9 bag. Dave recommends a bag ratated to about -20c. I  have used the Storm king down to about -10F and needed to vent.  With just being a few degrees away from the suggested rating and feeling warm to about -10F, I’m sure I will be fine however  I was a Boy Scout. So, I’d like to be ready for way colder temps down to at least -35 just Incase. I know that ratings don’t really mean a whole lot and I will be trying everything out before the trip.

 I could buy a new sleeping bag and still may, likely from feathered friends. That would probably be the best option. Since I already have the Storm King  I was thinking about doing the two bag system. I don’t have a summer/ 3 season bag because I typically don’t camp during these times. So finally, onto my question... Which 3 season bag do you think will fit over top of my current Storm King bag with out compressing down and provide  additional warmth with out a great deal of added weight?
Have any of you tried this system with a Storm King before?

 I though about doing a down quit however I like the idea of getting a bag that I can open up and throw over top or use in the spring/ fall. I figure that using an open bag will also allow me to almost cup the bottom of bag over the bottom of the Storm King. 

I have though about doing the other little things to add a few extra degrees to my current set up, bivys, liners, extra clothing, etc. I will also have a Freathered friends jacket with me  but I’d prefer to keep that as a last ditch option in severe cold.

Thanks to all in advance and I look forward to seeing you out on the trails!


Last details: Trying hard to give all the details!
I’m a side sleeper, and don’t move a lot once I’m out. 
225 lbs
Storm King “0 Degree Bag”  (pre-2015 redesign)
Down Teck, 24.5 Oz Synthetic down 650.
 Ground Layers: Thermarest Z-lite 1st Layer, Exped DownMat 9, Storm King, then ?????

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