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Winter Camping Clothing / Extreme Weather Surplus Arctic Mitts - CF vs USGI
« on: December 19, 2017, 03:21:26 am »

They both look quite similar and I'm wondering if anyone has owned both and can chime in on the functional differences if there are any.

Also, how is the sizing? I don't see any size chart anywhere and I can only find Larges. I'm assuming XL would be best as you could stuff more liners mitts in.

Winter Camping Clothing / Gauntlet Mitts or no gauntlets?
« on: December 19, 2017, 02:58:58 am »
I only have one pair of leather shell mitts with a gauntlets. I am thinking of making myself a pair of fur mitts and I'm wondering if I should make them without gauntlets. Does anyone see a potential drawback that should convince me not to do it?

In my mind, as long as I make fur cuffs for a shorter mitt to keep snow out, they'll work fine. Is this true in practice? Does the fur keep the snow out of your wrist? Why do you use a gauntlet mitt?

Gauntlet mitts bother me because it's hard to find a good liner with gauntlets. With a short liner (daschstein for example) That means when you take them off and try to put them back on, you have to carefully fish your hand in there as to not bunch up the liner to do when it's cold. Also, it's lighter and uses less material.

Just trying to get some thoughts here. It'd be easy if I could just try a bunch and see what I like.

Winter Camping Clothing / Winter Parka (Down Insulated) without zipper?
« on: September 30, 2016, 01:01:11 pm »
I've been looking for an awesome warm parka for throwing on over my other layers when around camp or taking a break from skiing to eat, etc. Thing is, I hate zippers. I have a vintage tommy hilfiger pullover parka with a half zip, but I can't find anything similar made today. I've been looking around at some jackets such as the Eddie Bauer Peak XV, Mtn Hardware Absolute Zero, and things, but they all have full zippers, which I hate. I have to take off my huge mittens and fudge with the zipper and it's just one more thing to fail.

Anybody know of an awesomely warm parka pullover for cold temps like in the negatives Farenheit, potentially with wind?

Classifieds / Fischer S-Bound 88 - 179cm Used One weekend
« on: March 12, 2015, 09:46:37 pm »
I used these skis one weekend... wrong ski for me. Maybe just a scratch or two - nothing you wouldn't expect after a day or two of skiing on them. Comes with the bindings/cables.
$250 shipped to your door with bindings or $200 without bindings.

Would also trade for a 195cm Madshus Annum or something similar to madshus glittertind/fischer e99/e109

Back Country Skiing Discussion / Berwin Bindings Size
« on: February 16, 2015, 03:59:50 pm »
What is the largest universal binding out there, what's it called, and how large a boot can it fit? I am looking to use some bindings with a size 17 snowshoe moccasin.

Back Country Skiing Discussion / Fitting Leather Ski Boots
« on: February 12, 2015, 12:43:41 pm »
I am assuming that burly leather xc boots should not fit like plastic alpine skiing boots. This is all I seem to be able to find info on regarding ski boot fitting.
I have finally gotten myself a pair of high quality ski boots to go with some nordic backcountry skis, but I am not sure which size to pick. I usually wear a size 9 in shoes and prefer a snug fit for athletic activities, so I got a size 9.5 and 10 (US) in my ski boots knowing that I would want room for extra socks. These boots are the Alico Mod Double telemark boots (

When wearing my preferred sock system, the 9.5 is pretty snug and I don't think I would want to put on another sock because it would be pretty difficult to wiggle my toes. The heel lift is really minimal. I don't expect zero heel lift since these boots are extremely stiff right now.
With the size 10, my toes have more wiggle room, but so does my entire foot. The heel lift is more noticeable even if I wear thicker socks.

So I am not sure which size to choose. How do you like your boots to fit? Will the leather stretch meaning a snug(ger) size 9.5 would end up fitting looser once the boots are broken in? Or do I need a size 10 to fit more socks in for more warmth, but will end up with less control while skiing?

Winter Camping Clothing / Anorak for huge person
« on: February 09, 2015, 07:37:09 pm »
I have a swedish surplus cotton anorak which is nice, but it doesn't seem to come in a size that would fit a man who is 6'8" and 360lbs. Does anyone know of an anorak that would fit a man of this size layered up in clothes? I found this but am not so sure it would fit either -

It doesn't need to be 100% cotton. A blend is okay. I can't be picky here.

General Winter Camping Discussion / Best big sleeping bag
« on: January 28, 2015, 02:10:54 pm »
I've made a few posts about gear for a big guy - here is the next one. I need a sleeping bag for someone 6'8" with about a 72" shoulder girth for around 0F. I would look into a colder bag, but can't afford that right now and need a bag for this winter. I found the MontBell Super Spiral Hugger 0 Degree down bag to be pretty much the only one that would seem to work. Looking for other options too. I found one from Big Agnes too, but they don't have insulation at the bottom and I have heard about cold seeping thru the sides because of this. No sleeping bag seems to be for anyone over 6'6", so we will have to live with this fact and just wear a warm fur hat.

Any ideas?

Tents and Shelters / Sewing ridgeline ties
« on: January 19, 2015, 03:11:14 pm »
I used a wall tent designed for use with an internal frame in about waist deep snow the other day and it's something I will never do again. Way too much of a hassle. At least with that poorly designed frame.

So I want to sew ties along the ridgeline so I can lash it to cut poles. I am wondering what the best way to do this so that there is as little stress on the tent fabric as reasonable. Tent is 12' long. How many ties are recommended?

Fire and Woodstoves / Kni-Co Alaskan with Stovejack
« on: January 18, 2015, 09:24:37 pm »
I am about to get my first woodstove (tired of using my homebuilt one) and think I have decided on the Kni-Co Alaskan due to lightweight. I'd get a fourdog, but don't want to lug around more weight.

I plan to use it with a 10x12 wall tent for now but the current stove jack is only 4", and it seems the Alaskan's stove pipe is 5". If I need a new stove jack, I guess it's okay because I wanted to move the location of the stove jack on my tent anyways.

Do I need a 4" or 5" jack with the standard nesting pipe? I am guessing 5?
I have decided on a roof stove jack. But where is the question. In the center, near the wall, in the corner?

Snowshoeing Discussion / Snowshoes for a big guy
« on: November 25, 2014, 10:17:33 pm »
I'm trying to set up my cousin with winter gear to go out hot tenting in deep snow in northern WI but the problem is he's like 6'8" and around 340lbs. I don't know if there are snowshoes big enough for him.  Maybe I'll have to make a pair myself for him? Or would something like a roycroft ski-shoe work well? Plywood boards? We won't be hiking very far, but I want him to have a good time and not be stumbling around with snowshoes that are less than ideal. Or worse - sinking in the snow.

Any advice?

Winter Camping Clothing / Fur layers inside snowshoe moccasins?
« on: September 28, 2014, 12:25:00 am »
Does anybody use a layer of fur inside of leather shelled snowshoe moccasins? I have seen Dave M's rabbit fur socks, but that's about it.
I'm wondering how it compares to using several layers of duffle or socks. Like at what temperature do you still feel warm with a fur liner and the shells vs with 2pair wool socks, a duffle liner, and shells, for example.

I am thinking of making a fur-in coyote liner and buying a wool boot liner sized to fit over it. Then that goes into the snowshoe moccasin.
Maybe I'd need two fur layers when it gets into the negatives.

Snowshoeing Discussion / Snowshoeing in mountain country
« on: February 01, 2014, 10:09:25 am »
So I have been wondering about this for a while. I am planning on taking a trip to the mountains in Montana and am wondering how my traditional  attikamek snowshoes would fare there?
I wouldn't want to think that the natives in that area couldn't get around without aluminum snowshoes with cleats.

And on a side note, is backpacking the only way to hike around there? I guess a toboggan would run me over on the downhills or tip?

Winter Camping Clothing / Moccasin/Mukluks over pants or vice versa?
« on: January 06, 2014, 06:44:17 pm »
With the only pair of snowshoe moccasins I've made so far, it has made more sense for me to pull my pants over the gaiter part of the moccasins. This seals out snow from the top, and the gaiters seal it out from the bottom, so my legs are not snowy.

But I've only ever seen natives and others wearing them with the gaiters on the outside.

What are the reasons?

Tents and Shelters / Help with starting point to build a nice wedge tent
« on: October 07, 2013, 10:49:12 pm »
Hello everyone, I have been reading on here for a long time mostly about other winter gear and not as much on tents. I am ready to build myself a tent this year and have been thinking exactly what I want. I have read the Conovers' book and loved it. I like making things myself so I want to build this. I would be camping most likely with one other person or just by myself. I am not too concerned with luxurious size. I figure if I am out in the winter woods I want to be outside anyways. The tent should just be a place to keep warm and sleep for me. I am thinking a wedge tent because it seems easiest to make and most convenient.

I am not sure where to get my material. From reading through posts from the early 2000s to the present year, it seem that 4oz egyptian cotton is some mythical material that I will never find. From my understanding, I want untreated loom state canvas. I am not sure what I can get where for how much and what I really should get. The lightest weight possible? I would rather be careful than deal with the extra bulk of treated canvas. Snowtrekker seems to be the authority for a good tent and their size for 2 people is 8x10, so I figure that should be about right. Maybe even smaller- what say you?

Is anyone aware of a good guide/patterns/info so I can plan the build and go over construction in my head - and figure out what supplies I need.

Thanks to everyone here who shares info and I look forward to learning from everyone.

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