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Back Country Skiing Discussion / BC Skis, sidecut?
« on: November 26, 2013, 08:55:43 am »
Hello everyone

I’m new to the site so I’ll give you a little background. I have been skate skiing for years now but last year I picked up a entry level classic ski package and absolutely fell in love. Waiting for the skate ski trails to be groomed drove me nuts but with these classic skis I can go anywhere anytime!  I do most of my skiing on abandoned trails that are usually covered with 12+” of powder or on the lake which can be anywhere from fresh powder to ice. I’m located in central New Brunswick so conditions are usually mild. With my current skis (51-50-50?) My skis ride 4-10” below the snow and sometimes I don’t see them for hours! I’m not sure if this slows me down but I would assume so.

I know there are lots of topics on here about BC ski selection but most are geared to maximum floatation and pulling a sled whereas I want to pack light (maybe a small sled this year) and ski fast and far (20+km/day), maximizing my kick. The 90-60-80 ski that seams popular on this site looks very wide and slow to me, where as the 70-55-60 looks like a nice compromise. The local dealer caries a good selection of Solomon and the boots (adv-6) fit perfect. Would I be better off with the Adv 69 (69-56-63) or the Adv 89(89-60-78)?

I have no BC experience past my current skis so any advice would be helpful.


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