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General Winter Camping Discussion / Interesting possibility.......??????
« on: September 28, 2019, 06:51:50 am »
So.........I just saw Harlan's last video on his youtube channel (solotrekker). He has sold Red Lake Outfitters and is going on to new adventures. This is clearly speculation but............Is it possible that Hoop has purchased the company from Harlan and is busy rearranging his life to accommodate?? Obviously those two have worked together in the past. Man, wouldn't that be exciting???   

Fire and Woodstoves / Norwegian Gstove
« on: December 09, 2017, 08:33:57 pm »
Stumbled on this accidentally. Has anybody seen this stove? It looks really nice and the price is resonable too!!

Interested to hear what you guys think.....


Fire and Woodstoves / My "Way too Heavy" stove build
« on: April 22, 2015, 08:04:22 pm »
This is my first shot at building tent stove. I had some sheet laying around, so I started fabbing one up.

Here is the basic shell. Measures 10" high by 12" wide by 17" deep:

All tacked up with baffle:

Rear view of Baffle:

Front with door hole:

Door seal flange:

Door seal flange:

Hole knocked in top for stove pipe:

Slug from chimney hole to be damper:

Door panel with damper:

Blurry, Sorry!  Damper operation:

Damper closed:

Test fit pipe:

Back side of door with outer flange and rope seal:

Door taking shape:


Modified gate latch for door closure:

Door latch:

Temporary legs:

First fire and inner seal flange on door:


Hot spot:



Hope you enjoyed!!! This is not my long term stove. It's too heavy, probably 40 lbs or so. 1/8" sheet is heavy. I will probably invest in a Kni-co or Muskrat, or maybe build a Ti stove.

Thanks for looking!!

Hello all! I just wanted to post a quick review of Michael's Entry Point tent.

Short Back-story:

I grew up hunting and fishing and cutting wood all my life, but never really got into camping. It never really interested my dad, but we spent alot of time in the outdoors. Fast forward 25 years, now I have 5 kids of my own and wanted to get them involved in the outdoors also, but I want them to be more capable in the outdoors than I was as a kid. With all that being said, I got into canoeing and summer camping a few years ago and recently found out about all these crazy folks camping in the winter. So, i started reading and watching you tube videos of that Wintertrekker guy and Kevin Callan and a few others, and decided that the winter camping scene might just be for me. So I started researching gear. I drooled over the SnowTrekker tents and the Seek Outside Titanium stoves, and the fancy toboggans, but I soon realized that this new venture was going to be expensive. Then one day Michael posted this really nice looking Entry Point tent at a very reasonable price. After a few emails and a phone call, I had a tent being made..........

The review:

Please keep in mind that this review is written by a complete newbie to the winter camping scene. I bought the tent sight unseen and never having seen any winter hot tent. When I received the tent, I was surprised at how small in size and weight it actually was. The specs are on the Lifeintheround website, but you really can't get a feel for it (at least I can't),  until you have the tent in front of you. Upon unpacking, I found the material (Sunforger) to be substantial in thickness but not overbearingly heavy. The frame was easy to assemble. All of the tent poles were universal in length and I was able to figure it out with no trouble. I beleive the stakes are Easton brand and are strong and high quality. Once I had the tent canvas draped over the framework, I was able to see the quality of the finish on the seams and sod cloth. All the seams are well done, finished nicely with no loose strings to pull the seam loose over time. The zipper is a heavy YKK unit, on both the verticle and horizontal of the tent flap, that slides well and doesn't catch on the teeth as they enter the feed ramp of the zipper body - even under tension. With that being said, I did have a little trouble with the verticle zipper being stiff as you ran it past the center guyout. But that was remedied by moving the angle of the tent stake and tie out. Lesson learned.  The tent has plenty of guy-outs sewed into it. This larger model has 3 on the sides while the smaller model has 2. This was something I asked Michael to do, and he was happy to do so. (Maybe he does this already and just let me beleive I had a good idea - Ha!!). You can see pictures of the two models on his website - If I'm not mistaken the larger tent pictures are actually of my tent before he shipped it out. I was surprised at how sturdy the tent was after getting staked down. The canvas stayed tight and smooth the whole time it was set up. There was plenty of head room in the center for me and my 19 year old son to stand inside. We were able to spend 1 night in the back yard in this tent and there is plenty of room for 2 guys and lots of gear or three guys stretched out comfortably. One other thing I asked Michael to do for me was to sew a guyout loop on the INSIDE of the tent at the peak on either end to give an anchor point for a ridgeline to hang wet socks,candle lanterns, rubber chickens (don't ask),etc. I used the ridge line for my UCO candle lantern and the loops are easy to hook to. As far as heat goes, I eventually built a stove for the tent instead of ponying up for a manufactured unit. It measures 10"Wx12"Hx17"D. It's way too heavy, but I made it out of scrap sheet I had laying around. It worked well and the tent was toasty down to -2 degrees F. I will be posting some build pictures when I get a chance.


This tent does not come with a storage duffle or bag. I bought a military surplus rucksack for $20 that will serve the purpose perfectly.


If I could have done it over, I would have asked for a roll up stove jack cover fully understanding that it would increase the price. This is a minor thing, but would have given the option to have a totally enclosed shelter without the stove if need be. I can always make my own too. Just something I thought of as I'm writing this.


This is a great tent. At an ultra competative price point. I've never seen a Snowtrekker tent, but I can't imagine they are any better than this unit. I'm looking forward to making memories with my kids, and maybe a few with my wife ;). Thank You Michael for producing a great product for the budget minded novice!!! Now, does anybody know who makes a decent tent stove?? Ha!!


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