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Back Country Skiing Discussion / Surplus skis or surplus to my needs
« on: September 06, 2015, 12:23:53 am »
I have been browsing around this forum for the majority of the Summer.  Struck upon this place by its numerous glowing mentions of the Ã…snes surplus skis from Coleman's.  Eventually decided on the 190 for my 145 lbs based on a reference to the Marines specifying that size for people under 160 lbs.  They showed up and eventually I mapped out an almost flat length of kitchen floor the correct size to lay them out.  The wax pocket seems very small weighting both skis evenly.  Standing with my toes on the balance point a crisp American bill shows around 50cm of movement, inexactly, barefoot in a pair of light shorts.  Boots, warm clothes and a daypack are certainly going to cut into that further. 

Does that sound about right for how these should fit or should I be looking at the 200?  Them being sliding snowshoes instead of having an acceptable glide has been bothering me for a month now.  The former would be a foot shorter and a lot more maneuverable if that is going to be the case here.

Edit:  Overnight it occurred to me temperature and humidity may be playing on my mind and the skis.  It has been +90 F and above 90% humidity every time I laid them out to determine the wax pocket.  Not much question why I was indoors dreaming of snow.  Winter weather can safely be described as 100 degrees cooler and half the humidity percentage.  Surely that must have some effect on flex but not enough to counteract function.  Below zero a larger surface area in contact with the snow is a very good thing for the most part. 

Kaifus lives not too far away so his experience with these skis may be helpful.  Or his need to sell them due to striking upon the same problem?

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