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Trip Reports / 4 Days of Hammock Hot Tent Life
« on: January 11, 2019, 09:58:59 pm »
Finally the weather and life lined up way to perfectly this week and got out on a extended winter camp.... and as I type this it is pouring rain on this Friday
So a job for a client had me heading 63km into the back country and after finishing that it was back down to the 55km mark to spend the rest of Monday through Thursday alone with a Local Moose beside a lake.

This will be picture heavy as no better way to enjoy the scenery that is.

Loaded up ..2:30pm time to make tracks and find a spot to set up at before darkness settles in

DSC01203 by richardktm300, on Flickr

DSC01204 by richardktm300, on Flickr

The Mountains off in the distance with clear skies and dropping temps... -5c heading to -13c overnight...perfection.

DSC01208 by richardktm300, on Flickr

DSC01210 by richardktm300, on Flickr

Road block.. time is ticking lets see if we can make camp right here.....

DSC01229 by richardktm300, on Flickr

Yup that works

DSC01212 by richardktm300, on Flickr

Dinner time

DSC01214 by richardktm300, on Flickr

Next Morning sipping some coffee by the warmth enjoying the wintery view

DSC01219 by richardktm300, on Flickr

Clear skies but some weather coming in from the Southwest

DSC01226 by richardktm300, on Flickr

Standing firewood ....amazing stuff and hardly any ash left in the stove after all the burn time

DSC01227 by richardktm300, on Flickr

DSC01230 by richardktm300, on Flickr

DSC01234 by richardktm300, on Flickr

DSC01237 by richardktm300, on Flickr

DSC01242 by richardktm300, on Flickr

Late Afternoon as the second night draws in

DSC01248 by richardktm300, on Flickr

Broiled a sausage under the stove...that worked extremely well and no mess haha

DSC01249 by richardktm300, on Flickr

Next morning requires a visit to the hahaha

DSC01255 by richardktm300, on Flickr

Love the Bear Paws, Winter Mocs, Wool pants...well wool everything else really

DSC01256 by richardktm300, on Flickr

DSC01258 by richardktm300, on Flickr

Improvised table for Day 3 Lunch

DSC01260 by richardktm300, on Flickr

Steak on a stick seared inside the YUM with a twitch still in it.

DSC01269 by richardktm300, on Flickr

Toasting some Muffins under the stove to perfection

DSC01272 by richardktm300, on Flickr

Final pic of the Hammock Hot Tent before tear down

DSC01273 by richardktm300, on Flickr

Packed up and ready to haul back to the truck

DSC01276 by richardktm300, on Flickr

Warm air pushing in...can see it in the clouds

DSC01274 by richardktm300, on Flickr

DSC01279 by richardktm300, on Flickr

And some final pics of the drive out to top off what was a perfect time. Got about 4" of fresh snow night 2 and another inch night 3 with pack up temps rising to -3c making it all very very perfect all around.

DSC01285 by richardktm300, on Flickr

DSC01288 by richardktm300, on Flickr

DSC01294 by richardktm300, on Flickr

Winter Camping Photos and Videos / Testing testing...yup I'm ready
« on: October 05, 2018, 12:57:36 am »
With winter seemingly approaching very fast....clearly here and now in several places...decided to get a backyard test in too make sure everything is gelling as it should be. Added another length of stove pipe that needed a burn off along with a damper. Maybe next weekend, if not raining, will go and do a overnighter by a back lake

DSC01108 by richardktm300, on Flickr

DSC01107 by richardktm300, on Flickr

And since we have the stove going and it is coming to dinner time....

DSC01110 by richardktm300, on Flickr

Winter Camping Photos and Videos / Afternoon CC Ski video
« on: March 16, 2018, 12:08:06 pm »
Out soaking in the 3' of snow last week on the ski's...mountain views never get old

Winter Camping Photos and Videos / Snowshoes in the winter wonderland
« on: February 12, 2018, 10:57:35 pm »
The days tromp around in NxNW BC on the bear paws with 3' plus of snow on the ground making for some fabulous winter fun

Video here...

DSC00699 by richardktm300, on Flickr

Winter Camping Photos and Videos / A afternoon out in the winter wonderland
« on: February 06, 2018, 01:04:28 pm »
Finally we have snow and lots of it.....Global warming is not working to well this winter hahahhahhaa

Video here

DSC00611 by richardktm300, on Flickr

DSC00626 by richardktm300, on Flickr

DSC00630 by richardktm300, on Flickr

DSC00637 by richardktm300, on Flickr

DSC00652 by richardktm300, on Flickr

DSC00653 by richardktm300, on Flickr

DSC00661 by richardktm300, on Flickr

Winter Camping Photos and Videos / Video 2 nights out
« on: January 13, 2018, 12:22:26 pm »
Vid of this past weeks outing

Winter Camping Photos and Videos / Winter bedroom scene
« on: November 29, 2017, 03:44:24 pm »
So when I am home this is my full time bedroom walls, no A/C, no heat...full exposure save for the tarp, hammock and down quilts ;D

Great way to learn about your gear, must say. Lowest I have got to so far over the last 3yrs is -28c and that was easy peasy

Kitimat-Stikine B-20171129-04594 by richardktm300, on Flickr

Trip Reports / First Snow = First winter camp
« on: November 08, 2017, 02:56:44 pm »
As winter is setting in fast with temps staying below freezing now and my seasonal work wrapped for the year it was time to get a hot tent night in the books
First off was a afternoon cleaning out the trail that leads from my house up to a point with a view due North approx 4km away.

Kitimat-Stikine B-20171104-04547 by richardktm300, on Flickr

The Silky Katanaboy 650 is a super awesome stealth chainsaw paired with the boreal21 (cause sure enough with any chainsaw you will pinch the darn thing) keeps the log processing going

Next day was go time with a forecasted 1-3cm of evening snow on top of the dusting we already had
Heading to this point has a km plus of steep climb so no way will a pulk ever work so everything must fit in the pack.
In this case since there was no snow really to be melted for water nor any water near by, it to was packed in making 40lbs of gear equal 50lbs. The seekoutside pack handles it with zero complaints

Kitimat-Stikine B-20171106-04549 by richardktm300, on Flickr

Evening Dinner ...a smokie roasted by the fire in front of the open door to go with a potato, sweet corn and carrots from the summer garden

Kitimat-Stikine B-20171106-04552 by richardktm300, on Flickr

The evening snow started as scheduled but just kept going and going all night. It did require a couple get ups to knock the snow off the tent finally waking to 4" of fresh powder turning things into a winter wonderland once again......Perfection

Morning fire started

Kitimat-Stikine B-20171107-04553 by richardktm300, on Flickr

Kitimat-Stikine B-20171107-04554 by richardktm300, on Flickr

The view

Gitanmaax 1-20171107-04555 by richardktm300, on Flickr

Getting a morning boil going

Kitimat-Stikine B-20171107-04558 by richardktm300, on Flickr

The warmth of the stove thawing the tent out

Hazelton-20171107-04557 by richardktm300, on Flickr

Vinyl windows rule BTW haha

New Hazelton-20171107-04556 by richardktm300, on Flickr

Life does not get any better hitting the first real snow of the season while out in the Hammock Hot Tent....woooohoooo.
Strange ....people think I'm weird for doing such a thing....even some deem me to be homeless hahahhaa but for me that is why I live work play where I do.

Maybe this week I will do a Moto Trials snow ride/hot tent night out at a back lake just to make people think some more hahahha

Trip Reports / First hot tent for the on.
« on: September 21, 2017, 12:31:16 am »
Well my schedule got me out for a overnighter to set up the Hammock hot tent by a remote lake and get a burn in to get this season underway. Showers/rain and 8c +/- temps making the hot tent so so so nice.
Evening burn to cook dinner and completely eliminate the fall chill before snuggling into the comforts of the hammock for the night.
Glad to be hanging as the mice were literally having a party in the tent during the night..little buggers.
Morning burn for coffee and a helping of oatmeal before starting another work day.
Feels like it is glamcamping by firing the woodstove up ;D

Felt so so so good to get out for the night

IMG-20170918-04474 by richardktm300, on Flickr

IMG-20170918-04473 by richardktm300, on Flickr

IMG-20170918-04476 by richardktm300, on Flickr

Trip Reports / First Hot Tent of the season
« on: November 04, 2016, 11:29:38 pm »
No snow yet but perfect conditions for a test run in the field of my, well its not quite full on winter yet, kit.
Rather happy with the results with a total pack weight of around 26lbs plus minus (tent, stove and sleep setup is about 11lbs total and good for -5c abouts)
Surprisingly the Tent did not condense any moisture on it overnight considering it was foggy....but under cover of big trees plus a very faint breeze kept the moisture at bay. I did keep the back door unzipped and front door swung open.
Video here

It sure was cozy inside with the stove going.
Night time temps where around 3c

IMG-20161030-04037 by richardktm300, on Flickr

General Winter Camping Discussion / Winter camping podcast
« on: October 04, 2016, 01:24:38 am »
Good discussion on winter camping. It is geared towards Hammock camping but mostly focused on surviving the cold weather through various experience from the guests.
Episode 13

Winter Camping Photos and Videos / Winter Hang Overnighter
« on: January 09, 2016, 05:11:29 pm »
Hanging out last night in a room with a view.
-5 to -12 to -8c temps with a wind up there

Gitanmaax 1-20160109-03423 by richardktm300, on Flickr

Must have fire right.

Hazelton-20160108-03417 by richardktm300, on Flickr

Morning Coffee time from the Hammy

Gitanmaax 1-20160109-03422 by richardktm300, on Flickr

Winter Camping Clothing / MEC Down Parka on sale for $250
« on: December 21, 2015, 12:25:04 pm »

Very good deal on a full boxed baffled 850 fill down parka and stuffs into its own pocket

It is very warm

Tents and Shelters / My Hammock Hot Tent
« on: December 15, 2015, 05:20:26 pm »
Earlier this fall I decided to build myself a Winter shelter for the Hammock utilizing a stove..... Which brings us to this point in time.
With StainPro Canvas drop cloths (all 3 sizes) a thread injector followed recently by a Seek Outside Ti Large wood stove I am most of the way there...still have some tweeks and mods to sort through as testing plays out on my deck, but so far I am liking it.

Having fun either way

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