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Trip Reports / Escaping the Corona up with Gunflint Trail
« on: March 26, 2020, 04:28:36 pm »
We left East Central MN about 2AM on March 13th. There was a dusting of snow on the roads for most of the trip so we took it pretty slow as we didn't want anything to prevent our trip. Once we made it to Grand Marais we made a quick stop at the Holiday and then headed up the gunflint trail. The road was again snow covered and a bit slick in spots so we took our time and made it our entry point shortly after 7AM.
The lake had a solid crust and you could walk right on top so we made good time to our camping spot. We found a nice bay with good wind protection which was important because the wind was gusting pretty good. I always feel the advantage of camping in the winter is you can get far away from campsites and it makes finding good firewood easier. We had camp set up and a good 2 days worth of firewood stocked up by 2PM. We then turned out attached to some fishing and were able to ice a couple smaller lake trout. We were both tired from the long day and called it an early night. The wind continued through the night and we figured the temps dropped down into the single digits F.
Saturday would end up being the nicest day of the trip. After breakfast we did one more run for firewood just to make sure we had enough for the next couple days. Although the fishing was very slow it was a perfect day on the lake as the temps were right around 30 with very little wind and no clouds so the sun was out and powerful. The wind did pick up a bit that evening and the sky stayed clear so the temps dropped pretty good, it possibly even got below 0.
We got up before daybreak on Sunday and had out best day fishing. We didn't catch anything huge as the largest fish was a bit over 20" but the action was steady. Fatheads on a spoon is what we caught all of our fish on. We also used frozen smelt and jigged white tubes but neither produced any fish. We headed back to camp around 4PM and started to get things in line to head out the next morning. Sunday night would be the warmest night by far as I was able to sleep without even zipping up my bag. I figured it got down to 20F or so. We woke up around 7AM Monday started the stove up for a couple hours to warm up while we packed things up. About 2" of snow had fallen overnight and it was still coming down although very lightly. We were back to our vehicle by about 10:30AM and on the road before 11.
 We got back to grand Marais around noon and enjoyed a pizza and a couple beers at My Little Sister's place. Little did we know that would be our last time eating at a bar or restaurant for a while. As is the case on most trips my only regret is I couldn't stay longer, but it was a great trip and I can't wait for the next one.

Bothwell Voyageur / Top Bag
« on: January 02, 2018, 01:30:52 pm »
I recently returned from a trip and I got to try out my new top bag from BV for the first time. It is perfect and holds my auger in place just as I had imagined. Having multiple zippers makes it easy to place them in a spot or multiple spots where I have items I may need to grab quickly. I was also impressed with the quality of the bag and zippers. This bag will last me a long time and will get a lot of use. Thanks again!

Winter Trekking Ice Fishing / Minnows
« on: November 30, 2016, 01:01:09 pm »
What doe people use for bringing live minnows on trips? As long as the lake allows I bring them on all of my trips and I feel like I can improve my method of transporting them. Right now I leave them in the plastic bag inside of my minnow bucket. Just curious to know what other people do and how they pack them down as I feel like my bucket is never quite secure.

General Winter Camping Discussion / Digging out Stove area
« on: November 08, 2016, 01:44:16 pm »
So as I have been reading through all of the good information on this site one thing that caught my eye was in the hot tent section under the equipment tab where the stove area was dug out and the sleeping area was filled with snow and had a log separating the two areas. I am curious how many people do this and how well it works. As I am planning on camping on the ice this year I am wondering if I might want to try it on the lake to keep a little more insulation between myself and the ice. I think my only concern would be the amount of space taken up as typically during the day we basically lean our entire sleeping area up against the back of the tent to add to our space during the day.

Winter Trekking Ice Fishing / Wind Block
« on: October 31, 2016, 04:49:41 pm »
The location of the trips we take are 50% based on fishing and 50% based on difficulty. When we take trips of 4 miles or less we have often brought a pop up fish house along but once we go any further than that we don't bring any with to help block the wind. I have thought of using a very small tarp with some sticks or PVC pipe or even trying to pile up some snow. Does anyone make or bring wind blocks for fishing?

General Winter Camping Discussion / Winter Camping on Ice
« on: October 31, 2016, 04:34:05 pm »
Although I have spent many nights in my snow trekker I have never had it on the ice. There are two main concerns I have with this, ice melt and wind. We always let the stove go out at night but typically have it going a decent portion of the day until we go to sleep and I am wondering what people do about the ice melt and how much of a problem does it actually cause? I am thinking some kind of heat shield or flooring under the stove would help but I also don't want to have anything freezing to the ice.
My second concern is the wind as the tent only has 1 guy out on each of the sides and back and 2 on the front. I know I can pile snow on the sod cloth but do you think that's enough to keep it stable? Our plan is to fish out of the tent but of course if there is slush on the lake we will be camping on ground.

Thanks for any feedback you have!

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