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Fire and Woodstoves / Reskinning a stove
« on: September 01, 2019, 07:32:33 am »
Hello friends,

ive been considering re-skinning my stove top
as its become quite warped. while this does add 'character' lol
it also increases cooking times. little concerned tho
cutting out a section and then rewelding a new piece in.
will this compromise the integrity of stove?

also wondering if going heavier gauge might be of benefit?

any thoughts welcome


Winter Camping Photos and Videos / ice garden speckles
« on: April 22, 2016, 08:28:18 pm »
a few pics from last winters spec trip.

this was a backpack and sled trip
steep/narrow areas-5 trips to get my gear over the one hill. :)
walk/climb in access only

fresh grouse tracks

snowshoe hare

breezy conditions on the way back to vehicle.

back at the hwy under sun dappled blue skies

Other Homemade Gear / table and fishing rod holder
« on: March 04, 2016, 07:12:11 pm »
this isnt so much homemade gear as
(made in the bush gear)

on my last trip i made a wee fishing rod holder with some balsam
and maple. I know lotta guys just use sticks for set lines but the thought
of hand lining a hard charging square tail make me nervous ;D

(iam no craftsman as you can see)
but both were functional and easier to assemble than any ikea project :D

Ontario & Quebec / Winter 2016....El Nino
« on: February 05, 2016, 09:43:57 pm »

Anyone having to reroute their trips on account
of this warmer winter weve been experiencing?
possibly sticking to smaller lakes and or travelling further north?

research from friends local to
areas i have visited in past has shown non stellar conditions.

Tents and Shelters / vinyl door tent mod
« on: October 05, 2015, 05:52:59 pm »
inspired by others who have added a vinyl door.

my good friend and fellow WT board member Zelandonii
recently completed a vinyl door mod for me.
the man has some serious skills.!
used 16 gauge vinyl (not sure of cold crack value)


Winter Trekking Ice Fishing / bacon lakers
« on: March 28, 2014, 09:22:52 am »
after all this talk about bacon,
i had to try it myself. a little sprinkle on the
lakers def makes for a tasty lakeside treat. ;D

Winter Trekking Ice Fishing / speckles
« on: April 22, 2013, 06:26:52 pm »
recently i read that a spec fisherman is one part dreamer and one part unwilling realist. ;D
i think thats pretty accurate. ;)
was fortunate to ice two over seven days.
hour after hour i always convince myself that thell be biting soon.
sometimes the hours turn into days and days into a wk but thats fishin
and i love it.

Trip Reports / Boreal redemption: 9 Days solo in the boreal forest
« on: February 20, 2013, 07:23:15 pm »
Just back from a 9 day 60 km solo trek.
After fishing for specs and lakers these last fw yrs i was naturally drawn to the boreal forest to try my luck to ice some pike and pickerel.
I was also excited at the prospect of flat (generally) terrain. Having recently built a new uhwmp sled (with the help of Zelandonni), i was eager to load it up and see just how far i could get. I should have made one years ago. The sled performed amazingly and exceeded my expectations. The only limitation i could see for this design is travelling hills with berms. Its just so slippery. My other sled, an inexpensive CT sled with down hill skis can actually hold onto these type of areas. Altho being so short(top heavy load) has a nack for tipping over

Id visited this general area last year but was blown away by a huge weather system. I was actually buried in the snow on my way in by a mining plow truck  ;D. no worries tho, they ended up loading my gear and taking me up the snow choked rd for my troubles.(which was exceedingly nice i thought) On day 4 tho a big weather system roared in dumping 40+cm of snow with wind gusts of 80-100km. I had a hard time with the inexpensive CT sled i had and vowed id build a uhwmp sled and return the following yr.

The road id set out upon this yr was not being maintained at all, which would mean it would be 15kms of trekking to the first lake and then an additional 16kms of travel to the nxt fw lakes. On my first day i met up with some locals who have a camp and was received warmly, (albeit incredibly perplexed by me.) These are all snowmobilers. No one hauls a toboggan ;D. They all looked like they saw a ghost when i showed up. I was treated to northern hospitality like no other. They were all heading out and offered the use of their camp, complete with hot stoves.! Ive gotta say, this was luxurious living. Ive never experienced 40 degrees above zero. I was quickly desensitized to my sense of ‘cold comfort’. Suddenly 10 degrees was cold and i was eagerly looking to feed the stove. Soon i was back on the trail covering the nxt portion of lakes/portages. Was amazed at how much snow the lakes had (2ft) I naively thought they'd be wind swept. Beneath the deep insulating layer was a deep layer of slush. The 16X48 traditional snowshoes worked quite well.
Now usually cold camping is a much lighter/faster way to travel but i take a chain saw, gas, oil, tools, tarp, tent, splitting axe, thermoses and camp chair. Fully loaded i was about 170-175lbs.
I highly recommend if anyone chooses to take a chainsaw to take a course and get experience. Any mistake with this piece of equipment out there would spell disaster.
On many occasions ive thought  of retiring the saw and switching over to the hot tenting. That way id be able to get away with a small hand saw for harvesting and of course enjoy some easy luxurious living. I think nxt season ill make the jump. Ill have to consult the engineering expertise of my friend Zelandonni to build one.
Temps for the first few days were mild but changed toward the end of the trip with 3 nights of –30/-35. Was the first time id broken camp with a full bore fire. Took me 3.5 hours to break camp.Fishing was ok, a bit on the slow side but still managed 7 fish. 3 Pike and 4 Pickerel. All in all a fantastic trip!
Was so incredibly fortunate to have met my new northern friends. I have been so blessed over the years in meeting many kind and generous people like no other.

Here are a few pics

all loaded up for the first leg of the trek
notice the 2000 dodge neon w 250,000kms. the only car in the parking lot ;D

honeing my woodstove skills

first set of steep hills

even steeper yet

lots of snow in the bush and on the lakes

break time

the first pickerel to be iced

power tool and par of the repair kit. this is one of the smallest stihl saws. its a home owner unit that has been well cared for.

GB small splitting axe

shredded cedar and birch bark

home away from home

snausages,bagels and extra old cheddar. yum!

this is about the closest ill ever get to a desk job lol
notice the heavy gauge speaker cable antenna. works exceptionally well

making it a combo

flash frozen

the stradic packed up for travel. safe and secure

another chilly nite/morning

theres a tree in there somewhere.

Trip Reports / NE Ontario Solo TR
« on: February 24, 2012, 02:22:26 pm »
Finally got out for my first winter solo trip of the year.
Went back to ne Ontario and was fortunate to meet up with and old friend.
I cheated on this trip in that my friend took all my gear in on the sled which was a huge help, especially considering i wasn't 100%
Saved me the 5.5 kms of portage travel that last yr took me two hours.
Spent most of my time on the one lake with a few day trips to neighboring lakes. Made one longish excursion (13 k) into a favorite lake of mine.
Weather was decent averaging around -15 for overnight lows. A good mix of sun and clouds with not much precip during the days.
Fishing was good overall but one really had to work to connect with specs

Once again I was so fortunate to be able to go cold camping into a favorite area of mine.
Located NW of Sudbury Ontario, this is classic Canadian Shield country. Its in a transition zone where youll find both conifers and deciduous trees. (always a treat with regard to firewood). I spent 5 days cold camping and 5 days base tripping out of hotels. With 4000 lakes nearby one doesn’t have to travel too far from town. Weather was quite agreeable. Coldest nitetime temp was -20 with nitetime averages being -12/-15.

Day one saw me hike the 10 kms over two lakes and portages to a known lake trout lake.
Here I stayed for 4 nites. The remainder of my time was spent looking for specs on other lakes.

Heading out on the lake

While chopping firewood I noticed an unusual turquoise colour on this large piece of maple. Iam guessing some sort of fungus?

Within the many galleries, a larvae

With camp established and firewood cut, its time to bask in the warmth of the fire.

Suspended in time

A nice chunky laker. Real sustenance.!


Nows its off to a few spec lakes within the surrounding hills.
Heading into a secluded lake 2km off the road.
One of the nice things about day tripping is you can travel extremely light which makes for very fast travel.

Arriving at the lake it’s the first time ive had to use the snowshoes… and happily so!
This year there hasn’t been much snow in the area.

After two separate trips into this lake. Many moves and multiple holes drilled,  :( >:( ??? :-\ :'(I finally find them! Iam thinking these maybe Splake. (the laker/spec hybrid)

Nows it off to another lake that iam hoping will produce the elusive Speckled Trout. They can be a very finicky bunch at times. Fortunately ive been here before and have come to know a few of their haunts.

Speckled Trout! ;D

Time for lunch, I quickly find some birch bark, cedar and balsam fir to start the fire.
Then I see if I can spot some hardwoods to provide the perfect coals. Nothing like fresh specs cooked over a hardwood fire.!

Winter Camping Photos and Videos / A few pics
« on: April 12, 2009, 03:51:57 pm »

These are from a short trip id taken back in mid March.
Coolest night was -26 and the warmest day time high was a beautiful sunny +5. I was very fortunate to have seen a Lynx (a first for me) albeit from about 700 m away ;D. Fishin was extremely slow. Biggest catch was some ones fishing lure.  ??? ??? ;D


Other Winter Camping Gear / Ice Cleats
« on: February 10, 2009, 08:59:46 am »
With warm temps and reports of the disappearance/transformation of snow on lakes,
i am thinking yet again of getting some ice cleats. Ive seen many different brands out there but was hoping to get some first had experience from those that have used them.
Any help would be appreciated

Winter Trekking Ice Fishing / Fish pics
« on: February 05, 2009, 09:44:41 pm »
Heres a pic of my first whitie of the hard water season. :)
Its only taken …. 4 years.  :P

Gold and silver Moose Looks spoon tipped with emerald shiners.

Trip Reports / 7 Day Solo Trip Report
« on: January 25, 2009, 01:34:44 pm »
Here are a few pics from a 7 day solo trip I took during the second wk of Jan. (9-15)
Had I known it was going to be as cold as it was I probably would have rescheduled. :D
Was my first winter trip leaning in towards -40. Fortunately I brought a heavy weight wool blanket to line my old down sleeping bag with. The bag was rated for -26 ten years ago but just isn’t what it used to be.  :'(
It was my first trip using a gore bivi which made a HUGE improvement with keeping my sleeping system good and dry. (thanks to the good info found on the site) Without one my bag would be done by day two. The area I went to was northwest of Sudbury and is a known trout stronghold. I only managed to ice a spec and laker the whole trip. It was far too cold for taking pictures that day. (both quickly released.) Ironically the spec was too big and the laker too small to eat. Go figure. Another first was using a new set of Algonquin style traditional snowshoes. Was incredible how much more flotation they have compared to the modern ones .  Took HOOPS good advice and went with the largest size.
One of the things I learned on this trip:
 Winds often change direction which affects smoke/heat levels under tarps as you all know. By constantly altering the pitch to accommodate varying winds I would notice differences in heat/smoke levels. Sometimes id find the fire struggling a bit, so id move a pole to allow more air in and it would pick up. Shovels, telescopic ski poles and sticks all work well for this. Without a rock to radiate heat I used the log heat reflectors and they worked very well. A little bit of brass wire and I had a sweet reflector. I am still using the old Canadian Tire sled which I modified with a pair of cheap down hill skis. I wish CT still made these sleds, would be great to make mine a little longer. The extreme cold temps made for awesome snow conditions for sled hauling. The wax id put on the skis made for a very fast sled.

Btw, what do cold camping folks do with their boots in the evenings? Do you take your liners out and put them in your sleeping bags? Found myself having to do laps to get the warmth going each morning. I sure am envious of the hot-tenters.

Winter Camping Safety / Winter auto prep
« on: January 05, 2009, 01:30:28 pm »
Hello everyone and Happy New Yr to all,

Does anyone have advice on how best to prepare ones vehicle to be left for extended periods in cold temps? Other than using 5W 30 oil, gas line antifreeze, keeping your battery in peak shape and possibly using a solar powered trickle charger? Any other tips?

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