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Fire and Woodstoves / DIY Stainless Cooking Pot Stove
« on: February 16, 2018, 04:12:01 am »
A couple of people ha inquired about a stove that had appeared in 2 of  thead im the Classified section for the Snowtrekker tent I have for sale

Rather than explain it there, I decided to provide more information here. It was made from 3 stainless steel cooking pots that the I bought on sale from Canadian Tire.  They had a slight taper toward the bottom.

I cut the bottom 1.5”  off the bottom of 2 of the pots. I then slid the bottom of one cut pot into the top of The uncut pot, and the bottom of the 2nd cut pot into the top of the 1st. This gave about 1.5” of overlap at each joint with the successive pot jammed firmly into one another. The joints were secured with about 10 stainless steel rivets per joint.

 To create an endplate on the open end (top) of the pot, I took one of the cut bottoms and trimmed the the side wall down to about 0.5”. I then cut an opening for the door, and slid the sidewall into the top of  the barrel until it jammed snugly. I then riveted it in place.  This gave a stove body that was about 22” long by 10.5“ in diameter.

For the door, I used the other cut off bottom and cut it to a size that would overlap the opening cut. I used a stainless steel piano hinge I happened to have ha laying around and riveter it to the door and to the endplate. I added a latch to the door and catch for the latch on the end plade. I used some of the leftover flat steel to create round vent adjuster.

More info still to come...

Classifieds / Snowtrekker EXP Shortwall 10 x 13
« on: February 09, 2018, 04:26:22 am »
Update: Price drop on account of my ordering an expensive backpacking shelter and now needing to make room in my budget accordingly.  New price 875 USD or 1125 CDN including shipping to lower 48 states or Canadian provinces.

I have a Snowtrekker EXP Shortwall 10 x 13 tent that I bought used from Duane about 7 years ago when I lived in Winnipeg. Later that year,  I moved to the Vancouver area.

When I lived in Manitoba, my primary modes of backcountry travel were snowshoeing with pulk, canoeing, powerboating and occasional snowmobile. All great ways to haul a snowtrekker tent.

Now that I'm in Vancouver, my circumstances have changed and my means of backcountry travel has been limited to backpacking and paddling SUPs and kayaks. These modes of travel demand ultralight and compact shelters and to forego the tremendous creature comforts the snowtrekker tent had provided. I haven't been able to use this tent often enough to justify keeping it.

A brand new uncut stove jack has been professionally sewn in that you can cut to suit your your stove pipe diameter.

Priced for a quick sell at $ 875 USD or $1125 CDN which included shipping to any location in the lower 48 US or Canadian provinces.


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