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Tents and Shelters / Cold tent advise for long term winter
« on: September 10, 2018, 02:46:29 pm »
hello to all wintertrekkers !

I could not find anywhere good advise on long term winter camping and tent systems or experienced advise so i would take the chance to post my issue and get your lights on it...

Last year i tried about 2 months winter camping in the forest a bit outside of the country in SE.
First time and experience with -20C environment.
Food was not cooked in the wild but i was moving in the city.
I was using the tent for sleeping and some rest at night most of the times.

I have to say i was not so well prepared. I was using a 750 alpkit inside a taurus -5 sleeping bag and wearing clothes as well which most times kept me warm. Some other times i was returning back to citylights to rest...

My tent was a gift and has not even a model on it but had no issues with condensation and also i use a plastic tarp or groundsheet in other words, that is long, over the tent, supported on wooden -A- style construction poles i cut from the trees, to get protection from heavy snow or accumulating frozen snow.
This year after the past experience... i am thinking of buying a small tent that i read as -family tent- or sometimes 3 - 4 person tent, that has a vestitube at the front etc. about 425cm total length and a sleeping area 210x210 approx. height about 150cm

An example of tents interested in buying (some are 2 person)
as i have budget about 200GBP incl p&p, are ie.

SKANDIKA VÄSTERVIK, Vango Scafell 300+, Zelt TOURIST Highlander HAWTHORN 2, Vango Winslow 400,
Outwell Vigor 3, Vango Langley 400XL, Vango Lauder 400.

these tents i see are not marked as winter season and i am not sure, if buying such tent is a good choice,
as i like to add a bedchair for extra comfort, as the ground sometimes can be very frozen ...
I must have a 210x210x120Height inner tent for sure at the moment. Even higher height to allow me
move in tent or leave my backpack etc without bending too much on ground with weight.

I was thinking of condensation or possibly colder environment as the tent is big for one person and after some quest on getting advise i registered here and i post my Q now.

Has anyone tried such large tents in humid and cold environment and what would advise or suggest.
Does a large tent means colder in winter etc.


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