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Lure of the North / Sharing
« on: November 15, 2017, 10:48:05 am »
At the Winter Camping Symposium in Minnesota this year, Dave Delafield gave a great presentation as the Friday night keynote. He talked about giving thanks where thanks is due. Honouring our past so we can continue to grow in the future. This is a huge part of where our company came from and where we hope it continues to go.

We travel across Ontario teaching traditional crafts that we certainly didn't come up with. We honour the traditional skills that have been passed on through generations. And with that, we've made what we believe to be improvements. We acknowledge the traditional materials and techniques used, but cannot ignore modern advancements in technologies. So we've been adapting to those changes.

We have compiled instructional booklets, patterns and more information on our website for you to use freely. We have taken what we have learned, and personalized it with our own efforts and modifications. We believe it is important to share this information to you rather than sell it because this knowledge should be passed on like it always has been.

We do however, appreciate that you give credit where credit is due. In our booklets, we acknowledge where we have be given our base knowledge from, which is very important. So we ask that if you do use our instructional booklets and patterns, to please acknowledge this. Sharing knowledge is imperative to creating a strong growing community.

We are always of course improving our instructions. With new versions coming out (less often than we would admittedly like), check back often. We are also working our way through our booklets and making YouTube videos for those of you that are more incline to those.

We also acknowledge that are a hundred ways to skin a cat (not really sure why this expression has stuck around..). So we have provided our way of doing things and they have worked for us. But we are always open to hearing your ideas, stories and different techniques.

Our lives are busy, so when we find something that works and works really well for us, I have a tendency to be happy to settle on it. There seems to be the types of people that want to have the absolute best of the best. But then it seems they never get it done, they never get out there and do it,  and they end up getting stuck, unsatisfied with what actually would work fine for their purpose. So if you're that person, I encourage you to bite the bullet and just start doing. You might find that what you had in front of you, works not only fine, but actually quite brilliantly. I could go on and on about this but perhaps it will be a different post.

So if you're looking for a good resource on how to make your own clothing for the winter season, please check out our info hub:

AND if you appreciate our efforts, please consider supporting us with the purchase of our DIY kits:

I think you'll find, that if you were to source all of these new, high quality materials yourself, you will end up spending just as much or more.

Thank you!!  :-*

Lure of the North / Snowshoe Weaving Videos are Live!
« on: November 15, 2017, 09:43:52 am »
Hey everyone!

I wanted to let you know that if you're were hoping to weave your own snowshoes, either reweaving an old pair, or trying it out from scratch, we have released a video series that should help you get through it!

If you like our videos, please consider support our efforts and purchasing a DIY kit from us. Thank you so much!

Video Series:

DIY Kits:

Fire and Woodstoves / Looking for a new\used stove for our tent\home
« on: November 28, 2014, 06:32:35 pm »
Hey there everyone,

It's Kielyn from Lure of the North.

Dave and I are currently looking for a tight seal stove with a nice cooking surface to replace our current stove in our home. We want the Five Dog ideally but he doesn't have any available right now.

Does anyone have one or something similar they would like to sell?

Thanks for your time,


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