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Tents and Shelters / Re: Cold tent advise for long term winter
« on: September 16, 2018, 01:19:50 pm »
Moondog55 sounds that quilt is great idea... i will check it out in local ikea as well.
Bkrgi thanks for advise and link i will check it out.
Undersky thanks for the additive bits on dew point. i understood now about that middle point between the inside warmer layers and the outside colder layers....

Tents and Shelters / Re: Cold tent advise for long term winter
« on: September 14, 2018, 10:26:16 am »
Bkrgi: Thanks for the great advice. Cotton canvas tents are now excluded due to cost first of all and i also leave the tent at about 8am so worry about theft as well... smoke also brings other animals close to my area... and i want to avoid smoke, except necessary cooking... For this reason i bought a used multifuel stove that i hope will work with some gas or petrol and will test it soon.

when you refer to hammock insulation, do you mean, layer a hammock insulation over the cot bed surface, or wrap it around to block the underside of cot surface as well. any examples with images on web if you have so i can have a visual would also help.

I am not sure how cold or warm i sleep... how can i measure this by experience. i am slim type person i would say.
I saw some winter down socks - i think were exped for about 50 GBP and might order one pair for extra warmth when cold days arrive. I have snow gloves that cover upto my arm length as well and they work pretty good.

I might buy a woolen blanket and lay it on the PU floor and above i install the cot.

MoonDog55 Thanks for all tips as well. Right now i am affraid if i add blankets on the top of tent will not be able to handle it. I decided to go for large tent that has vestitube area 2 meters and 250x250 appros sleep space to accommodate the cot. i will use a thin timber to make support for tarp. When i will install i will try to post pics.

I am still trying to find a tent around 450cm that will have height to walk in it, because when i go back in snow, my back and bones are cracking me because i have to bend with weight on floor then transfer backpack in tent etc. So, i think big tent height, despite my fear for more condensation, can help me in combination with the cot. I found a 2-skin tent with 3000 or maybe 4000mm flysheet and i see it has ventilation, so sounds good for example as it is much better shape than the tent i use now.

I thought i can buy some down secondhand jackets at small flea markets that cost 10-20 quid each and use them as first layer over the cot bed surface. I try also to decide which cot to buy short or larger width one.

What is a flip cover please. never heard of it before.
I dont want to add any timber layer on ground as in the summer time ticks can gather up on the inside of tent and this is a nightmare to clean. the interior will be kept as clean as possible, no food etc to avoid also mice visiting me and opening holes on tent.

Stove with funnel etc cannot be used with the tent as not sure how fire retardant is it and chances to catch fire in the forest... but i have been told by a friend in finland, that he is bringing in tent his multifuel mini stove and allows it to burn for 5 minutes to bring temperature down and then sleeps and repeats if he feels humid but in a small size winter tent.

Undersky Thanks on the frozen outter layer sleeping bag tips. When you refer to dew point and i see this in weather forecasts, what actually mean for a camper ? That at xx Celcious temperature the air forms water drops ?

i think i will go first for possibly a woburn400 or skye400  and buy a larvik3 for portable camping installations.

Tents and Shelters / Re: Cold tent advise for long term winter
« on: September 11, 2018, 11:49:34 am »
hi Bothwell V. Thanks for your comments.

Last year i have had lots of moisture due to the environment surrounding the tent, which is trees.
I was leaving the door partly open to ventilate and all moisture was evaporising during the day.
When temperature was around -20C then i have had frost issues on the external sleeping bag,
a tarius -5 which i was using as second layer to keep me warmer but also as a kind of protective
bivy for the second sleeping bag underneath, which was at the limits of its performance because
i pressume it could not ventilate enough - it was always inside all time around.

This year i decided to buy a heavier winter second sleeping bag ie UK army surplus style and use it
instead of my taurus -5. Maybe i might need an inner layer to stop some furthers damaging my alpkit bag.

I believe also tha the cheaper tents will be more humid indeed. the tarp saved my 100%...
regarding the vapour barrier liner, what brands would you suggest and maybe an ebay link, as i find lot of results on the web but not sure which would be used inside the tent i assume, or is it serving instead of a tarp ?
How can i apply to the tent inner surface etc (if is for interior usage)

For a cot, i think is one way solution for better sleep. The only thing i dont like is the cord they usually supply with the cot to stretch the fabric to hold the mat etc. for a mat i was thinking of the vango comfort 10.
I was told it contains a kind of foam insulation inside and should be ok with winter camping.

Tents and Shelters / Cold tent advise for long term winter
« on: September 10, 2018, 02:46:29 pm »
hello to all wintertrekkers !

I could not find anywhere good advise on long term winter camping and tent systems or experienced advise so i would take the chance to post my issue and get your lights on it...

Last year i tried about 2 months winter camping in the forest a bit outside of the country in SE.
First time and experience with -20C environment.
Food was not cooked in the wild but i was moving in the city.
I was using the tent for sleeping and some rest at night most of the times.

I have to say i was not so well prepared. I was using a 750 alpkit inside a taurus -5 sleeping bag and wearing clothes as well which most times kept me warm. Some other times i was returning back to citylights to rest...

My tent was a gift and has not even a model on it but had no issues with condensation and also i use a plastic tarp or groundsheet in other words, that is long, over the tent, supported on wooden -A- style construction poles i cut from the trees, to get protection from heavy snow or accumulating frozen snow.
This year after the past experience... i am thinking of buying a small tent that i read as -family tent- or sometimes 3 - 4 person tent, that has a vestitube at the front etc. about 425cm total length and a sleeping area 210x210 approx. height about 150cm

An example of tents interested in buying (some are 2 person)
as i have budget about 200GBP incl p&p, are ie.

SKANDIKA VÄSTERVIK, Vango Scafell 300+, Zelt TOURIST Highlander HAWTHORN 2, Vango Winslow 400,
Outwell Vigor 3, Vango Langley 400XL, Vango Lauder 400.

these tents i see are not marked as winter season and i am not sure, if buying such tent is a good choice,
as i like to add a bedchair for extra comfort, as the ground sometimes can be very frozen ...
I must have a 210x210x120Height inner tent for sure at the moment. Even higher height to allow me
move in tent or leave my backpack etc without bending too much on ground with weight.

I was thinking of condensation or possibly colder environment as the tent is big for one person and after some quest on getting advise i registered here and i post my Q now.

Has anyone tried such large tents in humid and cold environment and what would advise or suggest.
Does a large tent means colder in winter etc.


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