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Snowtrekker Tents / New sidewall pull out clips arrived!
« on: April 01, 2019, 06:53:40 pm »
Thanks Duane!  Arrived today, took about what 3-4 days?   Looks great, love the florescent color!   Hope to test it out with a possible New Jersey paddle this month!   Jursey!  haha   

Trip Reports / 2nd time out and still tired!
« on: February 28, 2019, 09:28:12 pm »
Hopefully I'll figure out pics this weekend.

Went for my 2nd WT trip in NY Adirondacks with my buddy IndianChris.  His first trip across ice and my second.  Boy did I move up into leadership after Bioguide took me out last year.   Made sure we both had those safety ice picks and throw bag just in case.  Reviewed safety videos and said a few prayers before going out.

Well how gullible I am thinking how easy it was going to be like last years glass ice hauling trip.  uggggg.   Only 1/2 mile meandering trail from the car to the lake.   I was using the 9ft toboggan and chris was using the Paris pulk.  So on the small downhills I let my sled fly down by itself, that was nice, but when pulling it I felt the slack in the rope and realized I was being chased by a 70lb sled!   I was trying to run like Groucho Marx!   But I was post holing along the side of the trail!  That sled kept banging into my heels, uggg.

Made it to the lake, real happy and then I realized that our broken trail was gone, uhhh.  Well, being out of shape didn't help either.  (How does one get into shape to pull a sled in snow?)   There was about 5-6" of snow on top of the ice with app 1/4" of ice on top of that.   Didn't wear the snowshoes (strapped on the sled) and started to pull the gear. uggg.   Every 20-30 steps I stopped and sucked up some cool air.   Then looked ahead and went another 20-30 steps...  this kept on for 1/4 - 1/2 mile I'm guessing. 

A cool yellow plane flew over us and  tipped it's wings at us to say hello.   He probably did that because I was trying to wave hello but kept swaying back and forth from being tired.  hehe   Skipping more tiring and sweating parts, we made it to the North side of the lake where our site was.   Totally exhausted, didn't drink enough water and hungry we stomped down some snow and had to walk our empty sleds back across the lake, up the trail 1/2 mile to our cars for the wood that we purchased in a town a few miles away.   We didn't want to take a chance of not finding downed fuel.   We also brought in I think 8 biobricks to burn.  At the car it was time to eat (I left my food at the car knowing we were coming back, bad idea, I should have eaten a few hours earlier) Also drank some left over water in the car. 

Back down the trail, sled hitting me in the heels, across at least a partially broken trail, to the site then set up the tent, get stove going and rest my knees.  It was getting late and we didn't want to drill through the ice for water that night.  So, we ate, and ate and ate.   Moon was full and a bit cloudy, temps around 13f.  Monday it would be clear, and a chilly night around -2f.   

Next morning we went out to drill for water.  first time using an auger that was brand new and had a sentimental value to it.   finally after app 18" we broke through and got us some needed water.  It's amazing how folks survived and still do in those type of conditions, water, wood and food. 

We spent some time wacking along the edge of the woods and took pics of the open water and river.  I saw some snowmobiles across the lake and hoped they knew where the open water was for their safety.    While my friend was ice fishing I knew it was time for me to step up and break trail for our trip back across the lake.  Yep, did my WT forum readings and saw pics and watched videos.   I couldn't believe how tired I was just post holing across the lake.  We had gotton maybe another 3-4" that day on top of the other layers.   I took some video to show how smart I was , it would be a lot easier leaving the next morning, I hope.

Another lesson learned, BAD IDEA!  That night as we slept the wind gods and snow gods filled in my tracks :(   All you could see was the ridge marks of my snowshoes.  ahhhhh!   So another heavy pull across the lake stopping every 20-30 steps.   As I got closer to the other side I ended up stopping every 10-20 steps, thinking about bioguides Snowdog!   

We we got back to the trail and went uphill, my best best best friend Chris took over and hauled his sled uphill and came back and pulled mine uphill as I huntched over it and tried pushing it uphill as he pulled,that too was tough.

We made it back to the cars, loaded up and went on our ways back home app 300miles.   I was dreaming about so many different things but mostly how important it is to work as a team before the trip to get gear ready and not duplicate to many items.  work together while tripping and be honest with each other about one feels, both mentally and physically.  I was exhausted and realized that I need to slow down, drink more water and rest or something could go really wrong.   

I must say that I appreciate all of you for sharing your thoughts and experiences both good and bad ones so newbies like me can think about the What if's?  I know now that I was blessed my first time out hauling across clear ice and now understand how conditions can really change ones ability to move gear.  Oh yea, I did carry a small backpack and discovered much it wetted out my baselayer.   Another lesson learned, should have used my Osprey with the vented back.   Light pack wasn't worth it.   Oops, and I used an old narrow bag and a top bag, worked a bit but had to release the bungies to get to the zipper.  Looks like another BV order coming up! 
Health and happiness to all!  coldfeet

Classifieds / eBay Empire wool jacket
« on: December 12, 2018, 03:22:11 pm »
Not mine nor do I know the seller.
I missed out on buying one from Kevin last weekend so I was just searching online and saw a used one on eBay.  Size Medium.  Sad but not my size.  Nice price.  Hopefully some one here could use it.
My turn will come up one day hopefully.  Good luck.    I can’t include the link, sorry

Winter Camping Clothing / Wool pants question
« on: October 15, 2018, 06:01:40 am »
Big Bill 100% wool or 75% wool, opinions on which ones to purchase. 
And I've read about sizing up, opinions on that also please.  Thanks

Trip Reports / First semi solo trip
« on: March 13, 2018, 06:36:30 pm »
Went on my first solo winter trip this past weekend in the NY area.   I am able to use the property of the sleep away camp that I work at during the summer time in Copake NY.  We had a dumping of snow a few days earlier and they had app 8-10" up there.  It was sort of car camping and I choose a location where I had to haul my gear to a site tucked away near the woods.

Going to keep this report simple.

What I learned,
1.  Stake the tent down after placing canvas on top of the frame, immediately.  Snowtrekker 9x11.5
2. Pole will split when wind blows tent over when my back is turned.  (already sopke to Duane, I'm the second one this week cracking a pole)
3.  Don't walk after tent, run!
4.  Newtons law of motion, tent will continue to roll until it meets an object, like a downed tree.
5.  Carry duct tape always (didn't have)
6.  don't over feed stove with those biobricks, smothered flames.
7    Setting up in yard on grass wearing sneakers is not reality.   Took a lot longer to do it on snowshoes and post holing at times without them
8.  I enjoyed relaxing inside and cooking once I was set up.
9.  Cot on snow sinks and tilts making pad and me slide off a bit.
10.  I need to stop feeding stove before sleeping because I get to hot once in the sleeping bag.
11.  Spam is pretty good but in moderations.
12.  I wish my whole family was with me to enjoy being out there,  not to sure if that will ever happen.
13.  I was bored being out there alone, I'm a people person.
14.  I would do it again and be prepared a bit more now mentally.
15.  I was only out 2 nights and wished I could have stayed longer.

I was solo setting up (and taking down), took me 4 trips with my Paris pulk bringing stuff from the car to my site, not a long distance to pull, maybe 200 yards to a quiet place in the camp where the kids go camping.   My friend showed up next morning and we drove around and did a short hike to a cave with a waterfall running through it (Dover NY).  I picked up two bundles of wood to burn that night and next morning because the wood at camp was damp and tough to burn.   Once again I brought to much gear but I figured why not, just in case.  Bad habit of mine but I can take less when I have to.  I listened to an audiobook that bioguide suggested, White Fang.  I still have a few chapters left to find out the ending, then I heard it was also made into a movie which I hope to watch one day.     Oh yea, my buddy up there gave me some venison cheese hot dogs, pretty good but a bit on the spicy side.   I enjoyed seeing the sun set, stars the first night, hearing the birds in the morning, cutting up a few pieces of wood and scraping off the bark so it could burn easier, watching some snow fall.  But I'm going to be honest, I felt lonely.   All of my winter buddies were busy but I needed to go because I knew it would be my last winter trip of the season, glad I went.  I guess that means it was a success :)   Many lessons learned, oh one more thing, the Sorels I bought used, makes my right foot sock keep sliding down.  Guess its the friction between the felt liner and my wool sock.   My modified Bear Paw snowshoes worked great until they too slid off my sorels!  And my feet were still cold!  Wish I could go tomorrow all over again!   Health and happiness to all.   Will try somehow this week to figure out posting pics.  Take care.

Sorry if this posted twice.

Classifieds / Kni co Trekker for sale
« on: February 23, 2018, 02:16:46 pm »
I'm selling a small Kni Co Trekker with side table.  Straight pipes comes with it, no elbow piece.   Was purchased last year by my daughters fiance who was taken away to early in life.  He bought it after going out with me and camping in the Snowtrekker with my Trekker stove.  Selling it for $125 plus shipping. 

 I'm located east of NYC about 30 miles on Long Island.   I can deliver it and meet up somewhere within 100 miles or on my next ADK or other trip going north when paddle season begins.  Please pm me for pics that I can send via email.  Thanks CF

Classifieds / Empire camp coat e bay
« on: February 07, 2018, 08:43:34 pm »

Not mine, I was just looked at wool coats and saw this.  To bad, my piggy bank is empty.  :(  Price looks good, noticed it's a bit different from the newer version.  One day...

Winter Camping Clothing / Decorative ribbon?
« on: January 30, 2018, 07:52:02 pm »
Suggestions on where to purchase decorative ribbon that folks sew onto their anoraks.  Saw one on google just like my Swedish one, looks sweet.  I'm thinking that's a nice easy beginning to start with.  Thanks.  I did a search here on "decorative ribbon" and some wonderful old posts came up but I didn't see where to purchase it from. 

Snowshoeing Discussion / Treating poly cords?
« on: January 24, 2018, 08:01:51 pm »
Hi folks, picked up a very old pair of Bear Paws probably from the 60's that was hanging on a wall for the last 40-50 years.  The decking is a type of polyester rope maybe nylon.  I though I read that Spar varnish was not a good way to treat the wood and decking.   Any suggestions would be appreciated.  Thanks, will try to post a picture this weekend. 

Bothwell Voyageur / More great gear!
« on: January 16, 2018, 07:38:44 pm »
Just received a stove bag and a bag for tent poles.  Looks to be another great piece of workmanship by BV!   Quick delivery and very helpful online.  Thanks BV!

Ahh, plus a mini stuff bag!

Winter Camping Clothing / Clothing list for 3-5 day trip?
« on: January 02, 2018, 07:50:01 pm »
Hi folks, I'm getting ready for an excursion next month (love the pre plan) and was making a list about clothing to bring. 
Let me set the stage, pulling gear on a 9ft sled, probably over frozen lake, New York State Adirondacks.  Can't even guess the temps yet with this polar vortex coming our way.

So how many "back ups" do you take?   My 10 essentials are now 20, and I'm hoping not to get into the 30's!

I understand the idea of carrying a pack with emergency clothes in water proof bag which will also be left outside the tent just in case.  I was going to keep big down parka, upper and lower base layers, extra pants, fleece, beanie, gloves, socks, possibly vapor barrier socks that was mentioned to me earlier.  Food and waterproof matches and my spare car keys it I want to get home!

How many duplicates do you bring?  I know everyone is different, just trying to find a medium.  I also know that it's a learning curve.  I was out car camping other day with buddies and my clothing gear was spot on. 

I should have also said that I will be hot tenting.   First time pulling the sled, I'm hoping to get out this weekend in the snow and start my huffing and puffing :(

Fire and Woodstoves / To much heat?
« on: December 19, 2017, 01:44:17 pm »
Being this my second year using a kni co stove in a canvas tent I recently set it up in my yard to enjoy the last few weekends and spent one night sleeping in it. 
I threw on a few more pieces of wood and crawled into my bag. After a few minutes I became to hot and zipped open the bag.   Then I got even hotter and took my shirt off. Of course the wood burnt up and I got chilled. 

My question is, how do you try to regulate the heating of your tent before going to sleep?  Keep it hot up until an hour before turning in?  Ideas?  I’m guessing it comes with experience. Thanks.

Snowshoeing Discussion / Suggestions for ladies size 5
« on: November 28, 2017, 07:18:33 am »
Taking my 21 y/o daughter to NY ADK in a few weeks and want to go snowshoeing. It’s also the rule to wear them when snow is a certain depth.
Problem is she has a small foot and the msr’s didn’t fit right at the store.  Any one have suggestions?  The children’s pairs are not aggressive enough and not long enough for her weight. opinions wanted. Thanks
PS. They rent shoes there at the LOJ but I’m afraid that they will not fit when we get there so I’m trying to buy a pair.  Thanks.

Bothwell Voyageur / Great tank for my sled!
« on: November 08, 2017, 07:57:11 pm »
Just received a 5ft red and black tank for my sled from Chris!  It was delivered quickly considering from where it was sent to NYC.  I can tell you first hand that Chris answered at least a dozen questions I had since I'm a newbi to the idea of hauling a sled with gear.  He gave me suggestions even at times steering me away from purchasing some of his products with some DIY ideas.  After reading so many great reviews about his work I wanted to give him a try.  My wife even looked at the tank and said "it's nice".   So a thumbs up to Bothwell Voyageur!   Now it's time to start exercising and get off my butt!   One day soon when conditions are right I will load up the sled and take some pics.   But I'm actually going to use it next week on a canoe trip and show it off, why not?  PS, Red is faster!   Take care.  Coldfeet

Winter Camping Clothing / Advise on Sorels
« on: October 16, 2017, 06:41:24 pm »
Looks like I'm trying to figure out this boot stuff again.  Would like to try Sorels again and thought about buying used pair on eBay.

Question, do you advise going 1/2 to a full size larger and wear extra socks?  I noticed the "Kauffman" brand.  Was that the model made in Canada and is better than the Caribou?   I read Hoops message about the larger toe box with the old double liners.  Tough to find those oldies.

I did get rid of a pair of Sorels years ago, just rubbed the heck out of my right ankle.  Suggestions appreciated.

Thanks.  CF.

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