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Sleds and Toboggans / New owner Black River sled
« on: September 25, 2017, 03:13:52 pm »
Ordered the 9ft version. Can't wait to go tripping.  Not to sure where but probably ADK in NY
Hot crazy temps this week!  What's going on? 

Classifieds / Wanted Black River Sled
« on: September 12, 2017, 04:45:57 pm »
Looking for a used sled. Would like the 11ft.  Thanks Coldfeet

Group Trip Planning / NY ADK LOJ 2/18-20/17
« on: February 08, 2017, 05:50:53 am »
I have a reservation for a car camping site at the LOJ up in the ADK near Lake Placid. A few of us are going and splitting the cost of the reservation for the weekend. $20 a night up to 2 people with 2-3 tents allowed. Additional people allowed up to 6 per site for an additional cost of $5 per person each night. Some of us are hiking to Marcy Dam/ Avalanch Lake, Mt. Joe/ peak bagging or just chilling out reading a book or even day tripping into Lake Placid. Few hot tents will be set up but cold weather gear is a must for when the stoves go out late at night. We are also allowed campfires in that area if we choose to sit around outside relaxing. It's car camping so bring everything you got to be comfortable. Call the ADK LOJ if you need more information. I'm not to sure which site we're at right now (think #14 for some reason), I will give them a call later this week.
Meanwhile it's supposed to be 61F today here in the NYC area and then possibly 8-10" of snow tomorrow! This is crazy! Be well

Tents and Shelters / Add me to the list of new Snowtrekker owner!
« on: January 24, 2017, 06:12:12 pm »
The wife gave me permission to buy the 9x11.5 Shortwall plus she said that I didn't have to sell one of my canoes to help fund it!  I'm such a lucky guy.  I need to really work on finishing up chores and doing the right thing.  Don't want to sound to mushy but after 31 years of marriage she has always allowed me to go out and enjoy the great outdoors.  I love Mrs. Coldfeet! 
 Now back to the tent, I ordered the window and door screen to go with it, plus the stove pipe flap cover for off winter season.  I'm going to use my small kni co trekker stove for now and have fun.  Will set it up in a few weeks in the yard, get the heat going and serve dinner and candlelight when Valentine's weekend comes.  How lucky is my wife.  Maybe an overnight and have some hot bagels!  Talk soon.

PS, I found this website through canoetripping last year, it's been fun reading all of your posts on all of the subjects. Keep them coming!  It was really great to talk to Duane and he was very helpful.  We even got to talk about his adventures here in NYC.  Exactly how everyone here mentioned about his was correct, thanks.

Snowshoeing Discussion / Sliding foot in traditionals
« on: January 08, 2017, 06:55:10 pm »
Thought this post went through, second time.
I just used my traditional Algonquin style 16/48 shoes. Both feet were in the bindings as tight as I could get them and all was well. But at times my foot would slide to them side.  Much different from my MSR plastic ones which I think lock your foot in tighter. Thanks for helping.

Winter Camping Clothing / Changing boots at site?
« on: November 28, 2016, 01:24:00 pm »
I have one pair of insulated hiking boots with built in insulation. I'm thinking of picking up a pair of Sorels to change into at the site to wear around the area. Gives the other boots a chance to warm up and dry a bit in the heated tent.  I tried hiking in Sorels many years ago and it was way to difficult to walk distance.  My question is, how do you solve that problem?  Do you bring extr boots along while pulling a sled?  Or wear the Sorels and buy liners?  I actually gave those Sorels away about 5-6 years ago. Thanks.

Fire and Woodstoves / Bringing or collecting wood?
« on: November 20, 2016, 08:00:46 pm »
So how do you supply your wood to burn on your trips?  I've seen wonderful pictures and videos of wood piles next to the stoves or outside the tents. 
Here in New York and other states there is a 50 mile distance you are allowed to transport wood because of many environmental reasons. I do obey those rules to keep envasive species from spreading. So how the heck do you collect the right length wood for your stove boxes?
I figured that I would buy wood once near my site but then how about cutting it down to the proper length?  I imagine I could split it with an axe but shortening it?
I guess many get the wood split and sized up and haul it on sleds or car camping. 
Do you use a saw and cut certain lengths, split and dry it during the summer?  Just wondered how to do that because I'm using a small kni-co stove.  Thanks. Hope I explained my question.

Snowshoeing Discussion / Snowcraft Question
« on: November 17, 2016, 06:36:33 pm »
Looking to buy traditional snowshoes for flat areas.  After reading so many posts it seems that 48" long by 12-14" width is what I need.  I found a pair of Snowcraft shoes on craigs list somewhat not to far away for $125.  Oh yea, it's in the Algonquin shape.  Just wanted to know opinions.  I will try to post the link with a picture.  Seems like many people are looking for some big $ for vintage shoes.  I looked at the new ones and figured with everything plus shipping the cost is app $300.  this is why for now I'm looking at used. Thanks  Coldfeet

ps, finally got my Paris expedition sled today, will make a better pulk this time, believe me I do look at those 11ft plastic toboggans.

Tents and Shelters / Is this tent to small? opinion wanted
« on: October 26, 2016, 07:27:46 pm »
I have a chance to pick up a Panther Primitive fire retardant wedge tent,  size is 6" by 8 1/2" by 6'     From reading many posts and lurking for a while it looks like many people have a small canvas tent plus a larger one for a buddy or two.   I have a small kni-co stove that I use with an old Sears tent for car camping. 

What is your opinion on this small tent?  I think it will be just right for me, easy to haul and good for canoe tripping.  I used to be 6' but slowly shrinking!  Not in weight :(   thanks  CF

Group Trip Planning / Winter Gathering NY or NE
« on: October 24, 2016, 05:28:49 pm »
Hi folks, trying to set up a winter gathering in a few months.  Any thoughts?  Some have lightweight gear they can haul on a sled.  Others have heavier gear that would suit car camping.  Pretty sure I would fit into that category for now.  Suggestions?   Tried to post this yesterday with a pic but it didn't go through.  Thanks Coldfeet

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