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Other Winter Camping Gear / Re: Cheap LW overbags
« Last post by Moondog55 on February 20, 2020, 06:54:45 pm »
I have been in communication with customer service at Mountain Warehouse again.
As they are the only seller of XL sized bags off the shelf suitable for use as an overbag that I have been able to find it might be worth getting in contact with the company [ again] and putting some extra buyer interest out there.
My comments were that 100 to 125GSM insulation and a highly wind resistant but breathable shell with no stitching lines would be the sweet spot and that a centre zip was preferable [ my preference because you can actually do stuff and still keep your shoulders covered] and anything more than 150GSM wasn't as effective as an overbag due to the problems associated with inner bag compression

Ted Malthouse

Feb 17, 04:36 GMT

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> Your request (353000) has been updated. To add additional comments,
> reply to this email.
> *Calley Bell* (Mountain Warehouse)
> Feb 17, 04:19 GMT
> Hi Ted,
> Thank you for your enquiry.
> The only other XL sleeping bag that we have in stock at the moment is:
> Please take a look and let us know your thouhts.
> Kind Regards,
> Calley Bell
> Mountain Warehouse Customer Service
> *Ted Malthouse*
> Feb 12, 01:10 GMT
> Email : [email protected]
> <mailto:[email protected]>
> Telephone : +61432506821
> Order No. :
> Comment : I have been very happy with my Traveller 50XL and when I put
> my internet forum buddies in touch with the US site several of them
> have purchased XL bags from you. As per my first complimentary email
> last year I am once again asking if there will be a slightly warmer XL
> bag in this style for next season>?
> As per my original email a bag of this size using a single layer of
> 125GSM insulation would be perfect as an overbag even if the zipper is
> on the side and not in the centre where winter sleeping bags should
> have them placed
> Yours Sincerely
> Ted Malthouse
> Geelong Australia
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> [KZ38PV-27WY]

Mates in Canada and the USA already have those and report back positively

My comments were more of a suggestion for a future product to boost
sales. There are very few sleeping bags suitable to use as an overbag
and those custom makers who provide them are overwhelmed with orders and
cannot supply.

The bag in your link is actually too heavy to use as an overbag, the
weight compresses the down in the inner bag and as a result the
combination isn't any warmer. The sweet spot here is that 100 to 150GSM
with a shell with no stitching lines. My LW bag is good to great here in
Australia but not quite enough for -50C in Alaska or Northern Ontario
where my mates are.

It's a niche product but that people in that niche have deep pockets and
you have a product that is close to perfect

I make my own gear; I bought my bag just to see what it was like but it
works very well indeed and was better than excellent value Even at full
price it would have been good value.

I just thought you might appreciate an experienced users point of view
and some positive feedback



Yesterdays reply
Hi Ted,

Thank you for your email,

You make a very interesting suggestion and good point for consideration.

We appreciate your feedback and thoughtfulness from a customers perspective.

This idea will be passed on to our managers and manufacturers to look into in more detail.

Snowshoeing Discussion / GV Widetrails
« Last post by memaquay on February 20, 2020, 05:27:56 pm »
Just wanted to make a quick post to comment about how these work.  I know some people think that modern snowshoes don't provide floatation, but I can attest to the fact that the GV wide trails are probably the best snow shoes I have used, traditional or modern.  We are currently breaking a trail into a remote lake with our skidoos.  We go as far as we can, and then snow shoe ahead with saws to clear blowdown, etc. Usually clear two to three K at a time.  The first time we were out, I was floating on my GV's, I'm around 190.  My buddy, who is around 210, was postholing every step with modern 10 x 36's.  As soon as we got back, he ordered the wide trails.  We were out again today, he was floating as well, a really big difference.  Anyway, for bigger guys looking to break trail, these things are the bomb.
Trip Reports / Re: Chasing Nanabush in Algonquin Park
« Last post by Bothwell Voyageur on February 20, 2020, 04:52:10 pm »
Looks like an interesting transport option. How much weight can you haul like that? How does the sled affect bike handling? Could it pull you sideways on a cross slope?
Back Country Skiing Discussion / Re: OAC bindings and fat boots
« Last post by Teepee on February 20, 2020, 02:08:29 pm »
I tried to source some Icetreks, but they were out of stock everywhere. I didn't fancy making any either.

An outfitters I know in Sweden recommended the OAC's and needing to get some I took a punt;  my big Baffins were just too big to fit them though by 1/2 ".  My Stegers fit just fine though, as do my PU wellies.
The pivot point doesn't look too strong, but I've fitted Binding Freedom inserts and have a spare OAC binding plate just in case.
So, I've got OAC EA's fitted onto Asnes Amundsen BC. They hang over the edge a long way and I've fitted the heel plates to them to stop the lateral movement and damage from the heel hitting the ski.

My mate has a pair of Icetrek Flexi's on his 99's, it'll be interested to compare.
Trip Reports / Re: Chasing Nanabush in Algonquin Park
« Last post by cousin Pete on February 19, 2020, 08:13:25 pm »
Hello walknabout:  As usual, great pics and write up.  I am glad that using the bike worked out well for you.  Thanks for sharing.   

Take care,
Cousin Pete
Trip Reports / Re: Chasing Nanabush in Algonquin Park
« Last post by K. on February 19, 2020, 07:19:44 pm »
A few years back I read on some forum that spring crust would support a fatbike, such that it could be ridden just about anywhere. I'm thinking reprise this program in about a month and the possibilities could be very interesting? Not that this isn't, far from it; great job with the bike all round!
Trip Reports / Re: Winter Overnight in New Tent
« Last post by awbrown: N. Illinois, USA on February 19, 2020, 04:30:57 pm »
I have watched the Paulding Light in the past. The mystery has apparently been solved by some engineering students from Michigan Tech. I won't spoil it for you, and yes A.W., there still is a Tooth Fairy and an Easter Bunny. :)

I have spent lots of time canoeing and camping in that region and have visited the Paulding Lights many times. Look at a map and it doesn't take long to figure out the "mystery." But it is kind of cool. I was explaining the mystery to my grandson on one visit and a rather large woman in a moo moo approached us and said, "It has to be true, it was on the Unsolved Mysteries TV show." So, you are right, there still is a Tooth Fairy and an Easter Bunny for lots of folks.
Trip Reports / Chasing Nanabush in Algonquin Park
« Last post by walknabout on February 19, 2020, 12:35:41 pm »
What a gorgeous few days to be out camping this past weekend.  Some crazy temp swings, but that seems to be the norm this year, saw the temps go from -30 Friday morning, up to around 0 Saturday, just to drop back down to -25 Sunday/Monday.
Since colder is better for travel days IMO, it was time to pack the gear and head for a remote spot along the bike/railway trail in Algonquin Park.  Going solo this weekend, I decided to try something new and use my fatbike to haul the gear.  I set up basecamp about 10 k out and explored this part of the park on bike and ski from there.  As we usually head north of  HWY60, this part of the park was all new territory for me, and I’m so happy I decided to check it out.

Hauling heavy Friday morning at -30

This guy is always so happy to be out there, no matter how cold, how far, how tough of a go!

Found this perfect spot for a camp, with majestic views of the lake, cliffs and good supply of firewood.

Nice crisp morning in the Ontario backcountry.

Saturday, I wanted to ride the rest of the railtrail, hit up some of the side trails, and run over to the Mew Campground to check out the winter festival.  A loose plan, as always when out in the bush, that turned into 9hours of biking and taking in all the incredible views around this part of the park.

The face I get when the stove goes out

Sunday, I decided to check out some of the sacred sites around Rock Lake. It was another long day out, but conditions were perfect for lake travel and I was in search of the Trickster!!

Sunday night I had a pack of coyotes come for a visit and a quick intro. Male on one side, rest of the pack behind our camp…the Trickster found me!  After a quick exchange, they carried on their path, perhaps picked up a spark or two from the roaring fire inside my tent and I was greeted to the most beautiful sunrise I've seen in a very long time 8) ;D
Trip Reports / Re: Winter Overnight in New Tent
« Last post by Bothwell Voyageur on February 19, 2020, 07:28:50 am »
If you don’t mind sharing your Flickr account name, as long as the photos are public we can search for them. Perhaps you have truncated the URL somehow.
Fire and Woodstoves / Re: steam pan stove
« Last post by AunNordDuNord on February 19, 2020, 12:35:51 am »
well..after 5 years of hard use, time has come to replace the bottom pan on my stove :'  it developed a hairline crack at the back of it friday overnight, by monday morning it opened up to about 1/8". Stove still worked OK at -25, just little hard to control the burn with the crack.
All in all, I can say I got my $10 worth out of this pan over the last few seasons;D ;D ;D

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