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Do people often stop and light a fire when taking a break?
Obviously if this is an option I'll add a big billy to my gear list for my trip.
I guess any soft cooler than can keep the beer cold at +40C will be OK to stop stuff from freezing too quickly at -40C.  Should I add one to my packing or are those readily available cheaply at Wally-World?
I do the overnite thermos here when base camping, hot water first thing is a real luxury isn't it.
Hey Moondog,

In cold weather (< -22C ) I've found that a reasonably good quality stainless steel vacuum thermos with an insulated lid will not lose enough heat to keep much lunch food from freezing. Obviously any added heat would help, though. The temperature of the other lunch foods going in, and the insulating ability of the lunch bag will each make a big difference, too.

For me the beauty of a big thermos (say 2L) is overnight. Fill it with boiling water at bedtime and your coffee will be pretty quick in the morning - specially compared to making morning coffee starting with snow!

Of secondary value, but still right up there for me, is the beauty of sharing a couple of cups of hot chocolate or hot soup at lunchtime on the trail.

Adding any amount of liquid water to your snow melting pot will increase heat transfer from pot to snow, thus speeding your quest for a boiling pot of water.

On the other hand, if you are working with a large open fire - see DH's pic just a little higher in this thread - you can have liquid water PDQ, in any temperature.

Just some more ideas to ruminate on :)
Bumping because of something I just read on another forum and relevant to the use of insulated flasks.
When traveling it was mentioned that having a Thermos filled with boiling water at breakfast time allows you to quickly and efficiently melt snow for drinking water.
Filling a pot with snow and adding hot water is supposed to triple the amount of water almost instantly, I thought this was a good idea but obviously I have no direct experience. Rereading Calvin Rutstrum here last night tho I wonder if any body here used his lunchbox method? Keeping a thermos or two inside an insulated bag so any heat bleeding from the thermos bottle keeps lunch and the doughnuts thawed and instantly consumable?
Trip Reports / Re: A day trip with my new lead Dog...
« Last post by Coldfeet on September 16, 2018, 09:06:17 PM »
Very cool bio. Can’t wait to see it in action one day.
Trip Reports / Re: A day trip with my new lead Dog...
« Last post by K. on September 16, 2018, 08:01:28 PM »
That snow dog is one cool machine. It's the right tool for the task. Modern snowmobiles are practically racing machines, I get that they're irreplaceable for countless work-related tasks, and the lifestyle of folks who live north of the treeline, but for backcountry recreational use they're overkill  (and sorry for putting that opinion on the table, but when you watch the puddle-jumping and high-marking videos, you can't help but shake your head). Then, putting a gun rack on it somehow just works even better (and I'm not even a gun owner). Best wishes for the upcoming season!
Trip Reports / Re: A day trip with my new lead Dog...
« Last post by Bioguide on September 16, 2018, 07:28:01 PM »
Gearing up for at least a 7 day base camp trip and weekend getaways this winter I spent most of today modifying a couple of items on my SnowDog. I moved the stock headlight to the rear of the sled to illuminate the sleds when needed and then I added a 17" LED off road light bar to the front for better illumination. Both lights have separate switches. I also added a pair of Kolpin Rhino Grips to the left side to holster my 410 shotgun for Snowshoe Hare and Ruffed Grouse hunting.

Tents and Shelters / Re: Cold tent advise for long term winter
« Last post by seitsme on September 16, 2018, 01:19:50 PM »
Moondog55 sounds that quilt is great idea... i will check it out in local ikea as well.
Bkrgi thanks for advise and link i will check it out.
Undersky thanks for the additive bits on dew point. i understood now about that middle point between the inside warmer layers and the outside colder layers....
Classifieds / Re: Wool Pants
« Last post by rayyronn on September 16, 2018, 12:17:01 PM »
Still interested
Tents and Shelters / Re: New Winter Tarp (Hammock)
« Last post by hotelfive on September 15, 2018, 07:51:05 PM »
Thanks!  You're info about the material helped in my decision for sure...
Tents and Shelters / Re: New Winter Tarp (Hammock)
« Last post by Bkrgi on September 15, 2018, 07:23:31 PM »
You won't be disappointed and with the pole mod even better...seam seal it including the tie out stitching reinforcements and should be good to go for a long long time
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