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Other Winter Camping Gear / Cheap LW overbags
« Last post by Moondog55 on July 26, 2019, 02:45:30 am »
I just gave Southcove a heads-up on these.
I was waiting until mine arrived before I offered an opinion.
I have checked mine out and while they have no DWR and that needs to be addressed these sale price bags offer very good value; mainly because these are actually big enough and most so-called overbags are cut too small and overbags need to be several inches bigger all around. EN rated to 11C for the male and 15C for the female so a real 10C boost for most people.
Add in the very real but not measured boost of the still trapped air between the two bags and on a good night I would guess 15 degrees would be achievable.
I tried mine with my monster -55C bag and it fits with just a bit of clearance.
While using one of these won't turn a 0F/-18C 3-season bag into a true winter bag rated to -40 they might help you out when used in conjunction with suitable clothing. If you were handy with a needle and thread you could always cut them up/ unstitch a pair and get a double layer of insulation for much less than the cost and weight of something from Wiggy

 Here in Australia where it is always soggy and humid the bags main job will of course be keeping the down bag a little more dry
Classifieds / Re: Extreme Cold Sleeping bag
« Last post by Moondog55 on July 14, 2019, 10:35:39 pm »
Berghaus are a UK based company
They used to produce some really good equipment and clothing but I think they have changed ownership because recently all they seem to sell is crap fashion oriented gear. This was a bag that was labled and used for a specific Antarctic expedition to climb Ulvetanna, and is probably one of their better bags
But because Alaska is winter is much colder than the Antarctic in summer I had a local business top it up with another 300 grams of down of equal quality and fill power. It is the equal of the FF Snowy Owl except that the overfill means it is a little tighter now. I am an XXL in the shoulders and I can't wear my big down parka inside it But you would not need to
I can send pictures to your email if you like
Classifieds / Re: Extreme Cold Sleeping bag
« Last post by Kaifus on July 14, 2019, 07:37:56 pm »
The name “Berghaus Ulvetanna” sounds interesting. Where is this company based?
Classifieds / Re: Extreme Cold Sleeping bag
« Last post by Moondog55 on July 14, 2019, 07:49:45 am »
I really need to sell this bag
Reduced to $850-AUD
P&P and insurance extra naturally
I have slept in my down clothing for decades, but the size of sleeping bag and an extreme expedition cut to allow the use of high lofting down garments to be worn comfortable inside them is also a very small and specialised market. A down parka cut and filled for technical climbing is a different item of clothing to something like the Absolute Zero parka I just sold. I don't know of any sleeping bag cut large enough to wear one of those monsters inside it. Like my bag even the FF Snowy Owl isn't that big inside despite the claims that it is an Expedition cut bag it is only 65 inches internal girth
You maybe have heard me before on this subject but for those who want to travel as light as they can will use their warm day clothes to sleep in. I would like to hear reasons why that is a bad idea.
I like to put pad and bedding in a bivy.
I bought an expensive bivy to keep my pad and bag in place and sleep in under my tarp shelter but I do not like it for lots of reasons. It sweats  inside when all done up, is to hot in summer if done up to keep out mosquitoes.
I am experimenting with something that might be good for all seasons. I just sewed an open top bag with 12” sides by gathering each corner equally to make the sides and ends shorter than the bottom of the bag. When I put my bedding in it the sides are vertical and tight. I just need to attach a top full length net so it will be good for all four seasons.
I had this same question as well when I first got into hot tenting here in Ontario.  I wanted a super-warm bag for when the temps dipped down to ambient (I don't keep the stove stoked at night).  I ended up buying the Wiggy's -60 bag as it was one of the coldest rated bags.  Within a year of using the Wiggy's bag I ended up buying a Feathered Friends Snowy Owl -60 bag.

Here's what I don't like about the Wiggy's bag:
-heavy and bulky
-no internal draft collar (I asked him if he'd put one in for me for a fee and he refused)
-the hood system is terrible (you have to pull a draw-cord from the inside that ends up being about 4 feet long inside your bag and the hood just scrunches up around your head
-the style I got is a barrel shape so there is lot's of room inside it.  I thought I'd like this but it is inefficient for heating
-I did not find the bag warm at anything below -20C

What I did like:
-priced very well
-synthetic does have its advantages for a longer trip as there's no depreciation of warmth due to damp down (although a hot tent nullifies this as you can dry your bag out every day)
-it's nice to lay on top of when you're lazing around in the tent (I don't like laying on top of my down bag as it compresses it).
-seems well made

Having switched to the down Snowy Owl I can't say enough about that bag.  It's overkill for most nights but it's very easy to vent (I fall asleep with it wide open and slowly zip it up over the course of the night).  It was expensive as hell (about $1500 CAD) but I hope to have it for the rest of my winter camping days.  I do sleep ridiculously cold as well, hence the extreme bags.  I figure if I do roughly 10 nights a year in the winter, over 15 years that's 150 out to about $10 a night for a fantastic sleep (at least that's how I justified the cost to myself lol)
I know I am late to the conversation here but I have some thoughts.
I was worried about the same issues and wound up buying a big warm bag I am now never going to use as I have had to cancel my trip.
While a -40 down bag has the maximum insulation for the weight carried I really wish I had gone for a rejuvenation of my old Everest bag with a down top-up and gone with a new UL synthetic overquilt. Or bought a new but not extreme bag to use instead on my existing one, say something rated to -20C / 0F. I really stuffed up on both counts as I got myself an overquilt that really only adds 10 degrees to my rating and for another $50- and 200 grams I could have ordered one that gave a full 20 degree boost. I have talked to some very smart and knowledgeable people here and the consensus is that when the overquilt or overbag is properly sized there isn't much compression of the down in the sleeping bag so long as you stay with 800FP down and have the bag slightly overstuffed, by at least 10% but no more than 30%
MY UL overquilt has seen some use tho, it was borrowed by a mate to use on Denali where it performed as designed, the large space between his LW summer bag and the overquilt was used to store his climbing boots so they didn't freeze Ditto his extra water containers inside the boots.
My extra layer was made to my design by Nunatak and cost me $250-USD, ultralight gear isn't cheap, the functionality of the design is due to the way the overquilt has a large mattress sleeve built in to completely enclose the foot area without adding superfluous insulation under the feet, the stacked sleeping mats do that duty. I chose Nunatak rather than a local maker because the local feller couldn't get the UL Robic fabric I wanted for the shell
My sleeping bag is rated to -55C and is for sale now if anybody was interested but it seems that even for members here -55C is a little overkill
Lure of the North / Re: Sharing
« Last post by digital_photog on July 09, 2019, 09:23:48 pm »
It has been a while since I posted on this forum.  Have been using the mukluks, mittens and anorak now for a couple years. They have been on many sled dog trips the last 2 years. Have to say I am very pleased with them. Have used them to -40 on one trip this past January.

Send me an email, or PM and we can get this in the rotation for WCS 2019!

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