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Author Topic: Multi-pocket mod for Woolrich thick shirt?  (Read 1339 times)

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Multi-pocket mod for Woolrich thick shirt?
« on: December 05, 2010, 01:27:12 pm »
Here's an idea...

When I go on a long day-ski I wear a wool shirt and a fanny pack. I store my lunch and waxes and water bottle in the fanny pack and keep my map and who knows what all in my shirt chest pockets.

When I want to stop and do something I end up always having to rotate my fanny pack around to get at my goodies.

I propose a shirt that might eliminate the need for a fanny pack.

I recently bought a thick Woolrich shirt (not as thick as a Shirt-Jac) that has FOUR BIG pockets on the front. They bellows a bit. It doesn't have a tail so it's meant to wear outside.

So right there I've almost eliminated my fanny pack. I can keep cellphone, digicam and map in my big chest pockets. And several slices of my patented winter-chow Hawaiian supercharged pizza in my two lower pockets. Maybe some sticks of wax, too, and my Leatherman and some zipties and a bit of duct-tape and bandaids.

...But I'm thinking of adding a few things to this shirt which might put it right over the top into perfection...

I plan on sewing an elastic-topped water-bottle pouch on either side of the lower rear corners of the shirt. They'll be a bit like bike jersey rear pockets. So now I can carry two water bottles.

Then I'd sew a larger "game pouch" into the center of the lower-rear. Now I can carry an extra hat, gloves, hankie, vest, headlamp.

Sound good?

Sure, I could carry a water-bladder rucksack for all that stuff.

Lately, I've been carrying both a fanny pack -- for my "swing around" quickly accessible goodies. And a small ruck for my dry clothes that I don't need as often. I haven't used a bladder-pack yet but I have one. I could insulate the hose and keep water in it.

(Our trips are usually on 10-30F days and my water/cokes haven't frozen.)

But somehow I think that I could save a few pounds and maybe have a handier, tidier solution if I carried it all in my shirt.

But maybe a loaded shirt would slop around and swing from my shoulders?

I do find the fanny pack and other waistbands at present to be a bit annoying, so a shirt solution would get rid of those.

Who knows! Anyone else try such a fix?

If it worked great, maybe the concept would be good for warm-season apparel, too.

I was thinking I could even sell a few such modified shirts. Buy em up at thrift shops. If I could find several in the same color then my added pockets could match the rest of the shirt. Whoa! :)

--JP /

ps I think I'll crosspost this to the clothing section...