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Author Topic: Southern Northwestern Ontario in Fine Shape - but slushy!  (Read 1500 times)

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Southern Northwestern Ontario in Fine Shape - but slushy!
« on: January 17, 2011, 11:16:28 pm »
We have GREAT snow in southern Northwestern Ontario.  We had a good base, and just got a big dump this weekend of 4-5 inches, and are expecting more in the forecast.   Where I was camping this weekend there is 2+ feet in the bush, and its effectively more like 3 feet because of the air pocket effect near the soil.  In some places I was up to my hips in fluffy snow when stepping off the snowshoes.  

The bad news:  We got our base load of snow a little early, and with this recent snow load, the small lakes are currently a SLUSH FEST!   I just got back from a winter camp this weekend and Monday, and the lake we trekked onto was almost entirely underlain by slush.   Skiing on the lake was poor because our skis cut into the slush pockets.  Snowshoeing was better, with the biggest traditional wood and babiche snowshoes we had (16x48 tear drop shape), and it was these traditional snowshoes which saved us.  Synthetics with their smaller profile would have had us punching through and wallowing and stuck.   Go big or go home with the freakin largest traditional pattern you can find!    

Its a winter wonderland here now and I love it, but hoping for high winds and a day or two of mild temps to settle that lake snow and transform it to less insulative properties so that slush can freeze.   Photo TR and more video to follow soon!
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Re: Southern Northwestern Ontario in Fine Shape - but slushy!
« Reply #1 on: January 18, 2011, 11:53:44 am »
Now last weekend we had up to two feet of new snow..but it was the wrong snow for a base.  Right over the rocks was the two feet of snow. Fluffy powder.  Now scheduled for another foot or two.  With this storm scheduled to end as freezing rain with the normal plummet of temps after the storm ends bring hi tech snowshoes. Otherwise a glissade will be in your future.

We will be getting another snow Friday. That ought to bring snow depths in the White Mountains (if there are any Easterners) to five feet but with some funky snow in the middle.

Ice fishing is going strong..18 inches on some medium depth lakes.. I see pickup trucks on the lakes now.  No slush layer at the bottom !  We had quite a snow drought as ice up progressed.

We must have taken those high winds from you.  Its been a tad chilly on the lake.  Winds have mostly been 20-35 mph.

As always watch for avalanches.. but particularly now the way the snow has set up.

I posted this mostly as a contrast to HOOP's post and hope others in other areas post what they are seeing this winter.