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Author Topic: Site Improvement ideas  (Read 1545 times)

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Site Improvement ideas
« on: December 29, 2008, 03:33:57 pm »
Can we add a section for dogsledding?

Also, the snow conditions section are out of date. Should all last year snows reports be removed or archived so only this years conditions are visible.
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Re: Site Improvement ideas
« Reply #1 on: December 29, 2008, 11:44:07 pm »
Hi Rob,

Thanks for starting this thread.  I have started a file on site improvements based on user input, (e.g. adding a section on snowshoe bindings).

RE Dog sledding:   The Goal of has been the promotion of self-propelled winter travel, and living well in winter using fire.  We started by featuring the landscape that the founders of this site live and trek in, which is the Boreal Shield and other forested landscapes, and hence the use of fire due to the natural resources of the landscape.   However we welcome additions to the site from all landscapes and trekking styles, especially from above treeline trekkers who have to cope with different conditions and use different equipment and skills.   It would be awesome if Arctic tundra and sea ice trekkers would send us postings - I could see us expanding to cover that kind of trekking, based on the amount of material we receive.   We would consider a northern editor, but we will wait and see based on input.

Self-propelled here is core to the site, but "cheating" (not) by using snowmobiles is certainly fine to get into the back country. Access to back country is one of the biggest challenges to trekking away from the roads, and a snowmobile can take you in there, as well as fly-ins.   We all use motorized vehicles to get t the start of trips.  Two of my posted TR's were possible by access via snowmobile to the start, after which it was parked for the duration. 

The Guiding Principle of is to promote what we know and actually do, and to keep it to the self-propelled mode.     There are so many poor outdoor websites out there stretched way too thin, with content containing very poor advice on winter, written by people who actually don't trek in winter and frankly don't know what they are talking about.    We want to make sure on this site that we stay within our zone of expertise so that we can maintain top notch content on skills, knowledge and gear that actually works well.

Dog sledding is a totally different realm that we know nothing about  and don't do.   I think dog sledding is amazing and is the ultimate way to get around and really travel long distances in winter.   But we have to stay true to our niche here.   Dog sledding is a very complex field dealing with dogs and all the breeding, health care and veterinary science associated with dogs, as well as a whole different bunch of gear and skill sets.    Racing and summer dry land training is also a huge part of it, since dogs need care 365.  So we want to stay within our niche to provide the best quality site for the snowshoe and ski propelled trekkers.

That said, I welcome any musher who wants to post on this site and educate us to the amazing world of dog sledding - especially those who combine it with winter camping.  I would love to see photo TR�s of trekking with dogs.  I am very intrigued by this winter discipline, and maybe one day will get into it myself.    Maybe if we get that crossover traffic with mushers doing winter camping, we can expand, but for now I want to keep our niche focused on what we have so far.

Skijoring is another activity we welcome postings on, and as we accumulate material on this, we may expand into that too.   

RE Snow Conditions Section:   Yes the old ones are obviously out of date.  For now, I would like to keep them visible, since I am hoping that if we get enough postings, viewers can begin to see trends for their area, past and present, and plan ahead for likely conditions the following year, e.g. monitoring when lakes freeze up and ice thicknesses is useful historic info.   One day we will have to archive that but right now, its not taking extra space on the server (I hope    :)), so I would like to keep it.  Key words in it also help on search engine hits which will attract people to the site.

If one of the founders wins the lottery and we could ditch our day jobs, I bet we would move further north and start dog sledding all winter, and canoe tripping all summer, and hire help to run these websites while we do "research".    :)
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