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Author Topic: 10 essentials aren't enough!  (Read 1904 times)

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10 essentials aren't enough!
« on: November 16, 2009, 03:25:40 am »
I realize this may seem lazy! I meant to put this info here. I believe it will save more lives and blistered feet here. I am no hero! You can be if you have this type of packing on you all the time. Helping others is part of being prepared I believe.

This is the kind of gear my son was carrying when he spent a 10 below night out.  We practice and learn so we never need to use it. If you never do it you won't know what to do when you need it.
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Avid outdoorsman? My son and I snowshoe and winter camp with a four season tent and no stove. When my daughter comes along we drag sleds holding the campfire style tent I made and my military style Yukon stove. We canoe and kayak long trips in the early spring till Thanksgiving. That's my son's and my last float of the canoe season as we celebrate his birthday.  My daughter more than my son loves climbing. My sore neck!
Along with the tent, I've made packs,paddles and the poor man's RV from an 18' boat trailer. It now carries our canoes, kayaks, mountain bikes, camping ger and the TeePee pole