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Author Topic: Etiquette and First Posts:  (Read 1651 times)

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Etiquette and First Posts:
« on: May 30, 2014, 10:13:57 pm »
Hi folks, I just had to delete a new post thread because several rules of etiquette were broken.  It pains me to do this, but here's why:

A brand new member whom I approved on Wednesday or Thursday, posted his first ever post early Friday morning, accusing one of our friends here by name, and a business (in good standing as far as I am aware), of possibly being a "scam artist".  That is strong language.  This new member had no posts.  No introduction.  No establishment of any street or bush cred that we could possibly be aware of.  First ever post was an accusation of wrong doing and questioning someone’s character.  Furthermore this first post was "wallpapered" by being copy-pasted in two topic forums as new thread, which causes big troubles in thread flow.  Wallpapering new threads is a big no-no on all web discussion forums I know of, and is an indicator of trouble.  I deleted the wallpaper copy as soon as I saw it, and should have acted further.  Second post was to start a boycott of a business.  Something is not right here.

Sorry, we don’t know who you are, and your first post has been to use aggressive language with a serious accusation, and the second is to start a boycott.  You could be a troll.  Or you could have legit complaint, we don’t know.  Your could have a personal issue or personal vendetta or score to settle where here is not the place, and we don’t know the details – we don’t have any idea who you are or if you actually made a mistake yourself,  Maybe its your fault?  We don't have any evidence, and you have recourse through official channels that should be exhausted before taking your battle public here.  But I know who the receiver of the attack is.

So its deleted.  Generally its best to first get involved in the community for a while, establish some credibility, before you start a campaign to seek revenge on a business or person you don't happen to like. 

Lets make a clean start again, all are welcome, it's a polite and generally positive place here,.......except when we complain about meltdowns and rain in winter, or lake slush overflow, where negativity abounds, and where "hate" is not too strong a word to apply to weather and slush, and negativity is welcomed!   :).......Or outrageous highway robbery brokerage fees charged by certain courier companies, and threats to send it back at your costs if you don’t pay (extortion), with no guarantee you will get a refund, when Canadians order from US companies who ship by these certain couriers - we have the evidence, thousands of victims - now there is a credible cause to launch a boycott.   ;)

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