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Author Topic: Fischer E99 vs E109  (Read 10321 times)

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Re: Fischer E99 vs E109
« Reply #15 on: March 09, 2017, 08:31:58 pm »
->I use Asnes Combat-combi Norwegian Army skis. They are white with a grommet hole in the tip and a notch at the tail for attaching climbing skins. Bought 'em new at Neptune Mountaineering, Boulder, CO.

->Bindings are Voile' release binding plates with heavy duty 3 pin bindings bolted to them and Voile' heel cables.
Release bindings B/c I don't want a broken leg or ankle in the backcountry. 16 years as a Nordic and alpine ski patroller makes me leery of non-release bindings, even 3 pin types.

-> My backcountry ski boots are Scarpa T3 plastic boots W/removable liners (that go into my bag at night).

Haven't had "waxless" skis in many decades. Never liked them. I use G3 climbing skins when needed. Otherwise green, blue or purple SWIX wax gets me going.

->This year I used carbon fiber 3 piece adjustable hiking poles with the snow baskets that came with them. Works OK once you tape the strap tops to the handle with 1" wide Gorilla tape so you can get a stride going and "open hand" the pole behind you for good form. Little details make a difference. They came with the straps coming out of the top sides of the handles. OK for walking but not for skiing. Even with backcountry skis you sometimes like to break into a kick-'n-glide when you're just wearing a day pack on a side trip.

Eric B.