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Author Topic: TD Caldera Cone Ti Inferno "gassifier" stoves anyone?  (Read 869 times)

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TD Caldera Cone Ti Inferno "gassifier" stoves anyone?
« on: November 17, 2016, 04:47:27 pm »
I have a Sidewinder ti Caldera Cone stove that I use in summer (fire conditions permitting) with ESBIT tablets. It's THE most efficient ESBIT stove made, especially when used with a Brian Green tablet holder.

But in winter I like it for burning wood in its inverted cone Inferno insert. This insert makes initial combustion gasses re-circulate for more complete burning and a very hot stove. Typically I get almost white ashes.

I like this stove for winter because I don't have to carry any fuel except some Vaseline soaked cotton balls for tinder. Also, unlike the Canadian Bush Buddy gasifier stove it is collapsable and can take larger sticks of wood, allowing your to be away form the stove for up to 5 minutes. The BB stove requires constant feeding of smaller sticks.

My stove takes a 3 cup pot for cooking (3 season use) but will also accommodate my 2 liter JetBoil pot for melting snow and winter cooking.

Does anyone else use this stove either in its smaller Sidewinder version or the Tri-Ti version?
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