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Author Topic: NY ADK LOJ 2/18-20/17  (Read 1038 times)

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NY ADK LOJ 2/18-20/17
« on: February 08, 2017, 05:50:53 am »
I have a reservation for a car camping site at the LOJ up in the ADK near Lake Placid. A few of us are going and splitting the cost of the reservation for the weekend. $20 a night up to 2 people with 2-3 tents allowed. Additional people allowed up to 6 per site for an additional cost of $5 per person each night. Some of us are hiking to Marcy Dam/ Avalanch Lake, Mt. Joe/ peak bagging or just chilling out reading a book or even day tripping into Lake Placid. Few hot tents will be set up but cold weather gear is a must for when the stoves go out late at night. We are also allowed campfires in that area if we choose to sit around outside relaxing. It's car camping so bring everything you got to be comfortable. Call the ADK LOJ if you need more information. I'm not to sure which site we're at right now (think #14 for some reason), I will give them a call later this week.
Meanwhile it's supposed to be 61F today here in the NYC area and then possibly 8-10" of snow tomorrow! This is crazy! Be well