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Author Topic: Winter 2017/18 incoming soon! - double wall tent DWR advice  (Read 415 times)

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Winter 2017/18 incoming soon! - double wall tent DWR advice
« on: October 18, 2017, 02:19:24 PM »
Hi Folks,

I recently (early October) camped in SNOW in N.E. Nevada. And I did get condensation inside the fly of my one person Tarptent Moment Double Wall.
When I accidentally pushed my interior wall against the inside of the fly it wetted out, no surprise there, since the day before an all day pouring rain forced me to stay inside the tent for seven hours. Then the snow came that evening and night. Well, I was at over 8,000 ft. so it could be expected even in early October.

When I got home after that 4 day hunting trip I washed my Moment DW in the bathtub as per usual after a trip. This gets out dirt and helps the tent last longer. BUT, this time I separated the inner tent and soaked it in Granger's wash-in waterproofing, along with some hiking clothes.

Then I took the inner tent to my backyard, draped it on lawn chairs and let it dry. After it was thoroughly dry I sprayed the walls with REVIVEX DWR just to be doubly sure it would shed water. I think this winter when I once again use the Moment DW solo tent the inner tent will shed condensation much better.

Next I'll be dong the same thing to my "2 1/2 person" SCARP 2 tent as I'll use it for winter too.  I shoulda thunk of this long ago. "We get too soon old and too late smart." (Old Pennsylvania Dutch saying)

Eric B.