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Author Topic: Stacking sleeping mats Warmth and comfort  (Read 4606 times)

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Re: Stacking sleeping mats Warmth and comfort
« Reply #30 on: March 28, 2019, 09:43:44 am »
Late to this conversation but we ski carrying 1/3 sheet of thermarest pad as an emergency gear and to sit on for lunch.  You could put one of these under your hip to augment your pad if that was the only place where you were cold. Adds minimal weight to your pack and can be strapped on mos anywhere.

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Re: Stacking sleeping mats Warmth and comfort
« Reply #31 on: March 30, 2019, 07:23:27 pm »
Yardsale that is what I used to do also. But I encountered a problem when I bought my new wide mat because they no longer make a short or three quarter RidgeRest in a wide.
Under my hip is where I feel the cold and that is where I need the extra insulation, and this would be the biggest bang for buck. I haven't made a sleeve but I did make a connector using a wide section of fabric offcut and that has worked well.
There is another problem with using stacked mats when using LW tents tho.
Most tents are still designed by people or advertised by the sales department; who assume a thin mattress when shaping tents that taper and giving occupancy capacity
A really thick mattress raises you up and the foot of your sleeping bag might touch the ends on the tent, especially if using a tapered tunnel designed for the tundra.
Feet aren't as heavy and don't need as much padding as hips and shoulders.
So when I come over I'll probably cut a RidgeRest down to 3/4 length and use the offcut as my sit pad