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Author Topic: Northern Adirondack Jump Shooting Reconnaissance (Winter camping too)  (Read 231 times)

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Had it not snowed I wouldn't have posted this here but the scenery was beautiful. Oh, and it went from soft water to hard water overnight!

After 2 successful waterfowl (jump shooting) camping trips I head back north to explore some new areas and see if birds are still hanging around this late in the season. Waterfowl shooting is new to me and I find it very enjoyable; more so than deer hunting for a couple of reasons:

- There is more action hunting waterfowl compared to deer hunting. I have hunted deer in the northern zone for years without seeing anything, other than on trail cameras.
- Canoe travel is so much easier and the scenery is outstanding.
- I prefer duck to venison. That said a tenderloin is pretty tasty.

I have plenty to learn and plan to make some changes to my boat and outerwear for next year i.e. more camouflage for both. I also plan to stop using the Kayak paddle and switch to a regular paddle. This will slow me down on my approaches around river bends. I have also started taking sporting clay lessons and will start regularly sporting clay practice shooting. I'm also enrolled in an online waterfowl identification course through Cornell's Bird Academy. I can tell a Canada Goose and Mallard but there are close relatives to each like the Brant and Black.

So I'm now focused on and actively preparing for an even more successful waterfowl season next year... but in the meantime I still plan to have plenty of winter camping adventures, spring brook trout and walleye fishing (north of the border), and summer camping trips.

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Re: Northern Adirondack Jump Shooting Reconnaissance (Winter camping too)
« Reply #1 on: November 18, 2019, 10:58:31 am »
Nice trip Bioguide. definitely pushing the open water season, a time of year that has its own beauty and challenges. I'm sure its nice to come back to a warm tent! 

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