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Author Topic: First Frost!  (Read 1997 times)

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First Frost!
« on: August 25, 2008, 08:58:38 pm »
We had frost outside of Thunder Bay this morning!!!   WhuuHoo!

We were perhaps the coldest place in Canada, much colder than most places in Nunavut and NWT today.   Cold is good.  Bring it on!

Time to think about getting the winter gear out of storage and start the repairs, order the big sheet of UHMPE for making toboggans; maybe start sketching the ski-sled plans that this year you swear you are going to make;  modify the anorak; start adjusting your budget to purchase the hot tent and woodstove, or make you own;   rust paint the old stove (again..ugghh), and maybe cut out the pot insert holes this year;  purchase your third or fourth pair of snowshoes for that special snow condition;  get those double insole boots you have always wanted to finally never worry about cold feet again…and get the extra big adjustable snowshoe bindings to fit them;   drool over that honking big -40 goose down bag for the deep cold - you know you want to buy it;  and research the latest collection back country skis for than never ending search for optimum float, kick and glide…and plan to buy them before they are sold out for the season…..etc.

Don’t wait for the first snow – winter is coming!

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Re: First Frost!
« Reply #1 on: September 04, 2008, 02:12:10 pm »

Ok Have to ask "how cold was it " HAHAHAHHA

Up here in Kenora it has been cold in the mornings coming from the camp. Actually had to were gloves a few times . Cool weather at 10c  when travelling by boat in the rain. Noticed today that some leafs are starting to change and the ducks and geese are starting to flock together.

And yes I am looking for new gear for camping this year. Another pair of snowshoes (will be set number 3) and also looking for a good winter sleeping bag (any suggestions??)

New toboggan in the works found a supplier in Winnipeg that has UHMW sheets have to get a price yet.

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Re: First Frost!
« Reply #2 on: September 04, 2008, 09:42:03 pm »
Not cold here at all.....  :(

Can you send it down ??  Only way I'm going to get rid of the blues ( also known as the allergy season to Ragweed and Goldenrod till the first frost)

Shoot that reminds me to re-spar the traditionals!!??
IN ICE WE TRUST ,In Snow we must, go camp in frozen Country. With axe and Saw for Timber is Law, to make our homes more comfy


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Re: First Frost!
« Reply #3 on: September 10, 2008, 02:04:53 pm »
My first post, just found this forum, nice to know that there are other nuts like me that camp out in the snow.